Albums are the best way to view photographs; they just don’t house images but preserve memories. Memory is all that is left behind as we age. Hence each album is carefully crafted with great attention to detail and the story of your precious day. I personally believe that minimalistic designs are the best and they don’t take your attention off the photograph. When I work so hard to frame beautiful photographs I definitely don’t want to spoil them by adding jarring design elements. Excessive is not always good and is best exemplified in case of albums. If your taste differ and you would like to have a flashy album then AMP respects that too and provides you option of going with Canvera /Kodak wedding collection designs. These are the best album services in India and value for money. All my albums are either printed by Canvera or Kodak wedding collections. Below is one example of the design of wedding album by AMP.

Albums are available in various sizes and forms for eg. 12×15″ landscape, 12×18″ landscape, 15×12″ portrait, coffee book of 10×8″ and so on. There is also a wide range of paper qualities available viz laminated and non-tearable with following finishes – pearl, scuff free velvet, silky matte, linen finish etc. Glossy and Matte finish are also available in most of these paper quality but I strongly recommend matte finish as photographs look best with them and last longer.

Some examples of wedding album designs –



Natasha & Mohit


Namrata & Mohit

Garima and Ankit

Divya & Raman


Sample Coffee Table Book


Different varieties of photobooks available –

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