Cross Cultural Wedding in Navi Mumbai

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Gary and I met in Liverpool. On the first meeting itself, we sat for hours talking, I did most of the talking though.We walked along the dock and had a lovely day. We started meeting twice a week and spending weekends together with his family.We went to lovely places in UK – York, Wales and spent quality time together. After 8 months when it was time to come back home to Mumbai, we decided we will get married.Gary came over to India during Diwali and asked my Dad for permission.I applied for visa then and came over to UK to register our marriage.We registered our marriage in Liverpool and started planning for our Indian wedding, for which we have selected KnotsbyAMP to capture all our precious moments.
Smita Patil

With that sweet lil story, you might already have an idea whats coming ahead. A beautiful cross border wedding, which was all about fun, frolic and endless happiness. When Smita contacted us, she had one request about how she wanted her wedding photos to look like. She wanted the photos should show the emotions and expressions of the people & wanted them to be as real as possible. And thats what exactly we did here!

Spanned over two days, their Indian wedding included the cocktail at Kinos Cottage and the maharashtrian wedding at Four Points Sheraton in Navi Mumbai. Gary’s family flew down from UK for their Indian wedding in Mumbai. And throughout the two days we spent with them, we saw them so excited and eager about the entire wedding experience. Be it the clothes, dance, rituals and ofcurse food, the family and friends enjoyed themselves to the core and made it even more memorable for us to shoot. So here goes the photographs, and hope you love them as much as we do!








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