Holi the festival of colours is perhaps India’s most favourite festival only after Diwali. Although it is celebrated throughout India but nothing equals the zeal and fervour of Vrindvan’s Holi. People from far flung countries come here to witness the pomp and enthusiasm with which it is celebrated. Undoubtedly it is the best place in World to be during Holi.

How to Reach Virndawan: Vrindawan could be reached from Mathura(U.P.) in 20 minutes by a tempo. Mathura is well-connected by road and railways to Agra and Delhi. With busses and trains plying every hour from either stations.

After having a series of tests and weeks of hectic schedule Holi served to be the perfect and most dreaded escape from insanity to sainthood. For last two days I had just 6 and half hours of sleep because of two consecutive tests. But I was as fresh as a dew on a flower due to the excitement of the trip. We started on 18 March. We were three guys. We missed our bus at 1.40 as one guy came late. So we reached Delhi at around 7.30 pm. Then to fill our stomachs we went to the ‘Paratha waali Gali’. It is a narrow alley at Chadni Chowk with 4-5 shops just serving different ‘Parathas’. Though having limited cuisine it is immensely famous all over India for its delicious food. Even our late Prime Minister Mrs Indira Gandhi used to come here with her family to enjoy the mouth-watering parathas meted by these small shops. But we were in for a shock to see stuffed ‘Puries’ instead of Parathas. Nevermind we ate it. It was good but not up to the hype and it definitely doesn’t conform to even the basic practices of hygiene.

After stuffing our stomachs we rushed to New Delhi railway station only to find that there was no trains for Mathura and the first train is at 7 am. So we were left stranded at the Delhi station. As we sat by the pavement one of us three started cribbing and crying out incessantly that the trip planning was bad and that nothing was happening to the plan. This was the very same guy who had come late. He unable to understand that we had no plan but the destination and hopes of amazing holi of Vrindawan in mind. Moreover this kind of journey was our idea of having fun. While he flipped on us we couldn’t do anything but laugh on him for being such a cry baby. Having lived a  life protected by parents throughout his life  he was surely out-of-place here. Fortunately upon enquiry  we got to know that there is a train from Hazrat Nizammudin, Delhi’s old railway station at 4.30 am, so we rushed there. Upon reaching there we found a nice café called Cumsum with amazing ambience and crowd. The place is buzzing with activity throughout the night. While we relaxed there the Cry baby also pacified upon watching the babes :). Finally our luck came back and we got the reservation to sleeper class hour before trains arrival.

To be continued…

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