At AMP, we have shot variety of weddings. But still this one is a first. Govindam and Elizabeth’s wedding in Mumbai is something which breaks all conventions and stereotypes. This is the first time we witnessed an intimate inter-religious wedding which took place at home. Breaking the shackles of conventions truly!

Govindam Yadav, a BITS Pilani alumni hailing from Lucknow, UP met Elizabeth Mathew, a Malayali christian while working and they decided on forever. Both the families heartily accepted their decision. The wedding venue was Elizabeth’s home in Mumbai. This was quite refreshing to witness and photograph, as there were only limited close knit people at the house. The atmosphere was very relaxed and least stressful. As they got married, they also set a new trend and reminded us marriages are not always about grand celebrations, but resolve and promises made by two individuals to spend their lives with the blessings of their loved ones. This wedding was also featured by Weddingsutra





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