How to plan an intimate wedding?

by | Jul 12, 2021

What comes to your mind when you think of an Indian Wedding?

  • A huge list of guests
  • Fun-filled dances and rituals.
  • Delicious food

And the list can go on.

While we were in this giant bubble of Indian weddings, then came the era of “Corona Virus”, which definitely broke it. It completely changed our idea of existence let alone wedding scenarios. We have got to believe small and intimate weddings are not only gorgeous looking, but they can surely be the dream wedding you have been eyeing at all this while.

Fast forward to 2020, we have learned to live through tough covid times and made our way through uncertain days. We have started to appreciate the small celebrations and intimate weddings.

Here we are with some “can-do’s” for your memorable intimate wedding. 

  • Vaccination: First and foremost, will be getting yourself and your core family vaccinated. It should be the first in your list if not already.
  • Personal Touches & Customisations: Make sure you add a personal touch and customizations to your intimate wedding and make it the wedding of your dreams. Think about something which is common between you and your partner, what is it you both have been wanting at your wedding, feel free to work on those ideas. Hiring a wedding planner definitely helps in getting things together especially if you have tight schedules. Do not shy away from them by putting the responsibilities on family & relatives.
  • Use the Lockdown Time: Remember, the time to plan is now. In case, you want to take things up your sleeve, lockdown can be a blessing in disguise. While you can save those travel time to work and back and also connect with vendors online you have more time in hand to think about your big day.
  • Choosing an outdoor venue: This is not only safer but also eco-friendly and beautiful. Nothing beats the natural light and fresh air you see. So ditch the banquets, and opt for an outdoor venue for your intimate wedding.
  • Home Sweet Home: If you have a big home or a home big enough to accommodate your guest list, nothing else will be ideal for you. Your home will be the best way to showcase your personality and what else do you need if you have the comfort of your home for your intimate wedding? Going back to old ways and your roots shall be the best way to remember and cherish your intimate wedding.
  • Guest List: With the limited number of guests allowed take your time to decide whom you want to be there on your big day. Do not feel offended if someone is unable to make it at the same time do not worry about others getting offended. Making sure to create a live streaming for your friends and family who are unable to attend the wedding personally because of the pandemic will make things definitely sorted.
  • Hire a good photographer: Your wedding memories are going to last forever, for generations altogether, and they are precious. Small doesn’t mean cheap, because cheap always doesn’t mean good. Look for someone who can make your special day even better with their Midas touch.

PS: Check out our amazing and magical wedding photographs & films for reference.

We sure hope this kind of helps you to start planning your Intimate wedding during these days. Also, connect with us for more ideas and recommendations.

Meanwhile, if you had an amazing wedding and want to share some ideas please do leave them in the comments below!


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