Christian Wedding at Hilton, Mumbai

by | Sep 9, 2021

Jennifer & Suraj met in college and they had an instant connection. From hanging out to making many plans, Suraj & Jennifer were inseparable. But like every couple goes through a test, they went through the test of long distance, but they persevered and made things work. Their story runs a decade long. And on their tenth proposal anniversary, they took their forever vows. And it was a beautiful affair at Hilton, Mumbai. 

The wedding happened as per two traditions- Malayali Temple Wedding and Christian White Wedding. They took their vows by the pool at Hilton, Mumbai. The intimate wedding resulted in making way for several heartfelt moments between the couple, their family and friends, overwhelmed with all the love that Suraj & Jennifer have for each other. And of course making way for a very fun after party where they let everything loose. Happening at a time when the world was stuck with covid, this wedding was a refreshing delight! Checkout the film & the photo-set 🙂



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