Pre-Wedding Shoot in Hampi

Pre-Wedding Shoot in Hampi

Pre-Wedding Shoot in Hampi

We always wanted to do a pre-wedding shoot in Hampi, one of the best locations for pre-wedding in India, undoubtedly. This was our second outing with Sachin & Neeraja, post covering their engagement in July last year. And one day at a meeting in our office, we brainstormed together and decided to shoot their pre wedding at Hampi. It was a unanimous decision, and all of us were thrilled and waited eagerly for the shoot. 

Sachin is a lawyer and Neeraja is a dentist by profession. Sachin & Neeraja are the classic case of how “opposites attract each other”. Its an arranged love story, that they call it. But once you meet them, you will feel that they know each other since ages. Their love, chemistry & joys in enjoying little moments and taking turns to tease each other are something which makes their relationship more special & unique. And naturally, we were thrilled to be on-board the second time for their pre-wedding shoot in Hampi.

So, we were all set. We left the next day after Diwali last year, 8th Nov, 2018. Little did we know we were up on an adventure that we would not forget the rest of our lives. The plan was to travel Hampi via road. We got the delivery of our new car Tata Nexon on the day of Diwali. And Anupam was really thrilled to take it out the next day. We were set to cover a distance of 730 km in 13 hrs. Sachin & Neeraja also joined us on road, in their Renault Captur

Hampi is charismatic even in its ruined state, the beauty lies in the temples, ruins of palaces, remains of aquatic structures, ancient market streets, royal pavilions, bastions, royal platforms, treasury buildings. And when there is an even more charismatic & enthusiastic couple, the joy of shooting is all the more. Together with #saneera & the temples, the ruins & the boulder strewn structures, we made some stunning photographs. And, all the drive and the journey throughout was really worth it! 

We shot across multiple locations starting off with Virupaksha Temple in the background at the Hemakutta Group of temple complex. This pretty much took the entire one morning. Thereafter we advanced to structures at Hampi Bazaar opposite the Krishna Temple. In the evening we proceeded to the hill of Raghunath Temple. This has a great view of the sunset and is free of any interruptions and guards. The best part of shooting in Hampi is that one doesn’t really need to shoot at Famous temple but you can always choose a hillock with some ruins around or a hill simply with a good view. The whole landscape is very beautiful with big boulders and small hillocks, lush green fields and the Tungabhadra River flowing across this landscape lending it a scenic charm. On driving back to Mumbai we took a detour to Pattadakal & Badami. 

A few things to keep in mind (for the photographers & the couples) if you decide to shoot in Hampi – a. Do take permission from the authorities of the place before planning a shoot in Hampi, b. Carry comfortable shoes as it involves a lot of climbing up and down on the boulder structures. c. Carry hair spray, as it might get too windy to hold your locks in place. Now, checkout their amazing photos as below – 


Pre-Wedding Shoot in Lonavala

Pre-Wedding Shoot in Lonavala

Pre-Wedding Shoot in Lonavala

When we were talking with Harsh & Alisha for couple shoot options, we immediately suggested The Machan Treehouse Resort in Lonavala for them. It was a good choice, given how hectic wedding preparations can get, and provided an ideal winding-down opportunity for these two before the wedding actually began! #Win!

And for us, we couldn’t be happier to click some truly epic shots and get mesmerized ourselves as we captured the couple letting themselves loose in the wildlife. 

Away from the chaos of civilization, this was a perfect place for a digital detox and solitude, something which we all crave from time to time. We reached Lonavala early in the morning and had the morning mist greet us, adding a hint of romance as well as taking our pictures to a whole new level, giving us all the right #feels

Apart from the Machan, we also took our couple to the peaceful Pavana lake. A stroll around this bounteous water body is plenty for any tired city soul to rejuvenate, as we saw in the case of Harsh and Alisha. We cannot recommend this place to anyone looking for a quick getaway!

Thank you for choosing us Harsh & Alisha, this was great fun 🙂




Telugu wedding at Celebrity Resort

Telugu wedding at Celebrity Resort

Telugu wedding at Celebrity Resort

Telugu Weddings in Hyderabad are known for being fun, colourful, and full of grandeur and this wedding at Celebrity Resorts was just that. Telugu Weddings usually go on for a few days as they are packed with many rituals and events. We as photographers love the enthusiasm and participation from eager family members and friends as we capture precious, candid moments that you get to reminisce about through photographs. We love covering Telugu weddings, check out some weddings we covered before – Bhagya-Vignesh, Rishika-Lohit, Saket-SriLakshmi

Priyatham and Manaswi had seven events spread across five days and most of the events took place in the tranquil surroundings of Celebrity Resort in Hyderabad. The lush green trees playing host to golden sunrises and sunsets were a treat to our eyes!

Check out their film- 

Day 1: Haldi

The Haldi ceremony kick-started early in the morning when Manaswi and Priyatham were smeared with yellow turmeric paste, oil, and holy water thereafter, of course, someone found the water hose, and from that instance, the smiles and laughter of their friends and family did not disappear until it was time to shut the water off. It was quite difficult for us to cover the Haldi function with water everywhere and our cameras getting wet. All of us got completely wet by the end of it but the photographs are simply amazing for the event. We always recommend our clients not to exclude the Haldi function from their wedding coverage, as that is the most fun event in a wedding and even though they hardly need to spend on it, the photographs from Haldi, are absolutely stunning. Don’t believe us? Well, we have proof. Check out this fun reel we put together of our experience shooting the Haldi. Reel on Instagram




 Mehendi began early for the bride as her hands and legs were ‘tattooed’ with beautiful, intricate designs. Later that day, the live band showed off their skills while the crowd queued at the bar. The party kicked off when Manaswi hit the dance floor and showered us with her wild dance moves which gave everyone the courage to show what they got in store. The alcohol helped a lot!


Day 2: Sangeet

From what we had seen the previous night, we knew their Sangeet would be nothing short of epic. And epic it was! Words do not describe the sheer brilliance we saw on stage. Every single dancer we saw up there was either a friend or a family member.
Priyatham and Manaswi did the classic game of ‘Who’s most likely to’ with their shoes and it was a hilarious game to get to know them better! The bride and groom put on their dancing shoes and did a fun, high-energy number which made everyone go wild and hoots were heard till the end.

Their close friends put together amazing performances which they practiced only a day in advance and yet they managed to pull it off very well. 
The bar counter gave everyone liquid courage to hit the dance floor and groove to a lot of high-energy Telugu music. The night ended with everyone walking away with drunk smiles on their faces.


Day 3 : Pellikuthru & Pellikoduku

Pellikuthuru was a joyful blend of traditions and family bonding. Manaswi adorned in a gold and red saree looked stunning as always.



Day 4 : Wedding


Priyatham had an intimate house puja in his family home, where everyone gathered to bless him before the Wedding Ceremony. 


Later that day, at dusk, as the couple stood before us, we could see the silent love and chemistry they shared. There was so much to love about this day – from the rituals to Manaswi’s walk onto the mandap, her and Priyatham’s eyes being locked on each other the entire time, and it was only made possible thanks to the amount of respect and love given by the family.  During Talambralu, the couple couldn’t stop smiling as they poured handfuls of rice over each other’s heads.

Vidaai got us feeling all the emotions as it did for Manaswi and her Mother. 



Day 5: Reception in Warangal


On the last day, the raging festivities came to an end as the Reception took place in the groom’s hometown in Warangal where a crowd of more than 1500 people had gathered to congratulate the happy couple. 




Christian Maharashtrian Wedding at Taj Lands End, Mumbai

Christian Maharashtrian Wedding at Taj Lands End, Mumbai

Christian Maharashtrian Wedding at Taj Lands End, Mumbai

Two Weddings – Four Days of Fun, Dance, Joys & Happiness!

Karan & Sonia’s wedding celebrations had two weddings and four days of celebrations – and we loved being a part of it. This is a christian maharashtrian wedding we covered 🙂

The wedding festivities kicked off by a light-hearted meet and greet event at Kino’s Cottage celebrating Sonia’s malayalam roots in style, a vibrant welcome party kicked off the festivities. The evening saw some performances and soon it broke into a quick after-party. The next day was the catholic wedding which happened at the Francis Church. The day started with Karan & Sonia getting ready at their respective houses. We witnessed moments, with so much peace and calmness at the church. However, things soon turned crazy at the evening reception. And the evening saw dances, toasts, wedding march and some great food spread.


A week later, the maharashtrian wedding was planned. The first day of the maharashtrian wedding celebrations saw the sangeet. Karan & Sonia made a grand entry, which was beautiful and stunning. Further, their dance performances made the crowd go tottaly in awe of them. Later, the party went on till the wee hours of the night making people come to their true elements.  The wedding day started early, and saw décor in a palette of lavender that lit up the lush greenery of Taj Lands End Mumbai. Check out our other weddings covered at Taj Lands End (Vishesh-Dhvani, Sanjana – Rahul, Mugdhaa-Devam). Sonia wore a purple navari and looked gorgeous in every way, while Karan wore a serene blend of white and blush. Their day wedding was beautiful and dreamy in every way, and would give you serious wedding goals. 


It was our absolute pleasure to work with Sonia & Karan. We spoke for the first time over a zoom call, and had a great rapport. Over a few more zoom calls, the decision was made. And these guys had us on-board with almost nine months left for the wedding. We always aim at forming lasting relationships with our couples and families, and that exactly happened in their case. Along with our beautiful couple, both the families were super warm and enthusiastic, and made the wedding totally memorable. 

Gujrati Wedding at Corinthians, Pune

Gujrati Wedding at Corinthians, Pune

Gujrati Wedding at Corinthians, Pune

Jay & Hitali stand out among our couples in a lot of ways. From having complete faith in us to seeking our ideas for their wedding, our relationship extended far beyond the duties of a Wedding Photographer to being their Wedding Consultant. While Hitali conceptualised the wedding, Jay took care of the execution to the minutest of the details. 

The saying that opposites attract couldn’t have been more true in Jay and Hitali’s case. While Hitali is a surgeon, Jay is a textile merchant, who jumped into the world of business from a very young age. This union of a successful textile merchant and surgeon was truly an elegant affair punctuated by emotional as well as playful moments.

Initially they planned to do a indoor wedding as many in their families thought it would be more comfortable indoors with the air conditioners around. But we suggested that they make the best use of their venue Corinthians Resort and do an Outdoor wedding and look how that turned out. We further suggested that they drop the usual stage like structure for weddings and instead try for a under the tree wedding. Fortunately there was a big tree and even the venue was surprised at the idea. It was their first wedding under the tree. We believe now with the proof of how beautiful a tree wedding could be more people reading our blog would be encouraged to try this out. 

Jay & Hitali’s wedding functions were spread over two days at Corinthians Club and Resort in Pune. They wanted a destination wedding and yet someplace which was easily accessible. Being from Mumbai, Corinthians seemed a great choice and we couldn’t agree more. Scroll down to see the photo-set 🙂 

While you go through the photos, keep an eye out for glimpses of all the minute details they planned out to customise everything from decor to their ensemble and look for added extra personal touch. Whether it is Hitali’s jewelry (nath) to her outfits and Mehandi or Jay’s phone cover to cuff seams, they had personal touches everywhere.