Maharashtrian Black and White Wedding

Maharashtrian Black and White Wedding

Maharashtrian Black and White Wedding

An entire wedding captured in black and white, this project is a first in itself. Oh yes, our long cherished wish to add a full black and white wedding to our portfolio is finally fulfilled. This idea had been high on our minds for a long time but finding a client who could be equally excited about it wasn’t easy and it didn’t happen for a long time. But then if you really want something, as SRK said, the whole world will conspire to make it possible. Well it wasn’t exactly like that, it was much simpler. We suggested the idea to Ameya and Anuradha which they gladly allowed us to execute. 

Ameya and Anuradha had an early morning Maharashtrian wedding followed by a quick reception where everything got done by 5 pm. Sweet! Let’s have a quick look at the story of our bride and groom. 

Love that inspires, invigorates hope and redefines everything said about ‘being together’, is the kind of love that the universe conspires to ‘make it happen’.

Anuradha and Ameya’s love story began at St. Xavier’s  College in Mumbai, under the magnificent arches, evolved over cups of tea, grew over pieces of Indian classical music and lived through the winds of long distance. Standing the time of six years, they decided to take the plunge in May 2016. Ameya, an MBA student at Harvard Business School and Anuradha soon to pursue Human Resources at University of South Carolina, recollect their early days spent at a tiny chai shop called ‘tum-tum’ in the busy streets of Crawford market in Mumbai. Making time to meet each other, before the city woke-up, is how their love grew through tough times.  It was a moment of great joy for their friends and family, who stood witness to this love story, couldn’t believe that it was finally happening.

At AMP we make these little emotions and efforts come alive. We tell a story that grows over a decade, in the expressions captured in one day, some times in half a day! The couple embraced all the traditional rituals of a Maharashtrian wedding and experienced them with a lot of fun. 

While Anuradha was hustling with wedding preparations here in Mumbai, Ameya barely had anytime as he just finished a year at Harvard and flew down to India just in time to get married! For her wedding rituals Anuradha chose all Kanjeevaram sarees as she is half Tamilian and half Maharashtrian and for her reception she wore a beautiful blue lacha. In the makeup room as the makeup artist went about brushing compound on her face she was anxiously waiting for Ameya to arrive. Her room was filled with her best friends going gaga over her look. Anuradha was a gushing bride who cheerfully made her way through the wedding smiling and waving to everyone. Ameya was equally exuberant and he looked dapper in a silk kurta and a traditional pagdi made famous by Bal Gangadhar Tilak. Every photograph expresses the enthusiasm they had for this long awaited day.  When the emotions are so vivid, they speak a volume for themselves. So here we present a reel of retro images of this ever charming couple who helped us fulfill our long cherished wish to add a full black and white wedding, to our portfolio. 

We at AMP strive to make our photographs unique and create what the couple feels most connected with. Creating a Black and White wedding album, demands a great amount of precision in handling the lights such that we get good contrast, which is essential for these photographs to capture the essence of such a high-spirited wedding. It has not even been a week and we edited the photographs. 

 It was interesting how we ended up doing Anuradha and Ameya’s wedding! At Kanan and Nirav’s wedding, yet another couple from Xavier’s whose wedding we covered in December, we met Anuradha.  She appreciated our work and started a conversation to craft their wedding.”At their wedding we met Jyotika’s parents and refreshed our memories of shooting Jyotika’s wedding in Bangalore just four days ago. The world is indeed a small place and we are getting close enough to becoming the ‘Favorite’ among Xavierites. Four Xavierite weddings and counting!

As always we have tried to be as non-invasive as possible with a strong documentary approach with great candid photographs. Hope our attempt to create something different appealed to you in the same breath as it excited us. If this excited you enough to have similar photographs of your wedding, then we are just a mail away. You can reach out to us at [email protected] and let us do the thinking to create your story.