The court wedding

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The Charm of a Court Wedding: A Unique Experience

We all must admit that most of us men have at least once or more have fantasized about getting married in a court. The brevity, simplicity, and yes, the savings coupled with the absence of long guest-lists and annoying relatives make it an icing on the cake. While I didn’t have the fortune of getting married in the court, my long-cherished desire to cover a court wedding was fulfilled through a client reference.

Capturing the Court Wedding of Wildlife Conservationists

Receiving an enquiry from Hans Dalal was a moment of privilege. The groom and the bride, both wildlife photographers working for the preservation of wildlife at Tadoba National Park, Maharashtra, chose us to capture their special day. It’s always an honor when photographers select you to shoot their wedding, even more so when they are such distinguished individuals dedicated to making this world a better place.

Wedding Stories of Conservationists

Hans, despite suffering from cerebral palsy, was a sound engineer who worked on many Bollywood scores before diving into wildlife conservation. The bride, Avantika Chandra, previously engaged in the airline industry with KLM, collaborated with Hans to start their NGO – PROWL. Their story is not just about their wedding but about their journey together towards conservation and community service.



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