Tie up with Make-up Artists

We are looking for tie-ups with Make-up-artists for wedding projects cross-referrals. Our brides are always open to suggestions for make-up artists. At the same time we are looking for earnest partnerships with few select make-up artists with a good portfolio.  

How do we refer the clients to make-up artist: We send out brochures to every prospective client who approaches us with an enquiry. We are going to mention our partners for make-up in the same brochure along with a hyperlink to their website. 

Who can approach us: Reputed makeup artists with a good body of wedding work. We wish to em-panel 3 makeup artists from each of the following city:  Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi and Lucknow. These are the major cities where most of our clients hail from.


– Website: An online portfolio on web with a clear identity and good body of work. Facebook pages will not be enough. 
– People with minimum two years of experience.

Is there a charge for the tie-up? – There is no charge or commission fee. We are looking for cross referrals. Just like we would refer your services, we expect that you will refer us too. 

Those who don’t have a website can use one of the following services to make a website quickly: 

– Shuttrbox – Neat and clean websites for online portfolios in six easy steps. Modern and neat themes. – www.shuttrbox.com
– Squarespace – A powerful tool to make website but requires more technical expertise. www.squarespace.com
– Shopify – Very good but expensive. More suitable for online stores. www.shopify.com

You can use your own domain with all of the above websites. Kindly get back to us by 21/9/ 2016 with final submissions. You can reach out to us at mail@knotsbyamp.com

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