Wedding at Ikshana Resort, Lonavala

Wedding at Ikshana Resort, Lonavala

Wedding at Ikshana Resort, Lonavala

Riddhi and Malav’s wedding at the picturesque Ikshana Resort in Lonavala was a mesmerizing three-day affair filled with joy, love, and vibrant celebrations. As wedding photographers, we had the honor of capturing every magical moment of their special day.

Venue: Ikshana Resort, Lonavala

The newly opened Ikshana Resort in Lonavala served as the perfect backdrop for Riddhi and Malav’s wedding. The sprawling grounds, adorned with lush greenery and stunning views, echoed with laughter and music, creating an unforgettable atmosphere for the joyous occasion.

The Ceremony

On the wedding day, Malav looked dashing in an ivory sherwani, a perfect match for Riddhi’s elegant off-white lehenga. The couple’s attire beautifully complemented the scenic beauty of Ikshana Resort, adding to the visual splendor of the event.

Moments of Joy and Emotion

The air was filled with a palpable sense of joy and emotion as Riddhi and Malav embarked on their new journey together. Friends and family gathered to witness their union, making it a truly memorable celebration of love.

Capturing the Magic

Our team was thrilled to capture the essence of Riddhi and Malav’s wedding in Lonavala through enchanting photos that showcase the beauty, emotions, and unique moments of their special day. From candid shots to beautifully posed portraits, every photograph tells a story of love and happiness.

Wedding at Bayview, Mumbai

Wedding at Bayview, Mumbai

Wedding at Bayview, Mumbai

Brunch Party at Anglo Indian Cafe, Lonavala

Shivangi & Devansh began their wedding festivities with a lively Brunch Party at the Anglo Indian Cafe in Lonavala. The event was filled with games, dance-offs, and an abundance of delectable food that brought everyone closer together. This unique celebration set the tone for their beautiful wedding in Mumbai.

Enchanting Cocktail Evening

The Cocktail evening was a magical affair with a charming wall adorned with heartfelt messages for loved ones. Friends and family entertained the audience with a series of captivating performances before the night culminated in free-flowing drinks and a vibrant dance floor. This event was a highlight of their Mumbai wedding.

Vibrant Garba Night

The Garba night was a spectacle, particularly for the Gujarati folk who danced with unbridled joy. Garba, a traditional Gujarati wedding dance, brought immense energy and cultural richness to the celebration, showcasing the best of Gujarati wedding traditions.

The Wedding Ceremony at Bayview, Mumbai

The wedding ceremony took place at the stunning Bayview, Mumbai. The mandap was beautifully adorned, framed by the awe-inspiring backdrop of the sea. While the photographs captured the picturesque scene, it was Shivangi’s radiant smile that truly captivated everyone’s hearts. This wedding in Mumbai was an unforgettable experience.

Explore the Beautiful Photo-Set

Checkout this beautiful and heart-warming wedding photo-set of Shivangi & Devansh’s Mumbai wedding. Experience the magic of each event in reverse order, starting from the enchanting Brunch Party to the vibrant Garba night and finally, the breathtaking wedding ceremony at Bayview, Mumbai.








Wedding at Treat Resort, Gholvad

Wedding at Treat Resort, Gholvad

Wedding at Treat Resort, Gholvad

We covered the wedding of Capes India Co-Founder Dhruv Khandwala and it was a stunning affair.

Dhruv and Urja’s journey from a chance introduction to a beautiful wedding at Treat Resort Gholvad is a heartwarming tale of love. It all began with Shrey, Dhruv’s younger brother, playing the role of a matchmaker by introducing them.

Urja, seeking career guidance, found herself drawn not only to Dhruv but also to the warmth and charm of his family. The professional collaboration began when Urja decided to join their family business, Mermerize Jewellery & Capes India.

As they worked together on various projects, a bond deeper than professional camaraderie blossomed between Dhruv and Urja. However, like any great love story, an air of uncertainty surrounded the true nature of their feelings. 

Finally, against the backdrop of Treat Resort Gholvad, surrounded by the scenic beauty and the love of their closest ones, Dhruv and Urja exchanged vows and embarked on a new chapter as a married couple.

Their wedding was a celebration of love, commitment, and the culmination of a story that had started with a simple introduction—the wedding festivities comprised of mehendi, sangeet, haldi and wedding. The highlight was our bride Urja opting for an off-white lehenga which made her look dreamy and special in every way.

Check out the photo set, which is vibrant and colourful in every way!






Haldi & Mehendi        



Pre Wedding 


Couple Shoot in Goa

Couple Shoot in Goa

Couple Shoot in Goa


Love is very fragile & light. It follows unimaginable musings, fleeting moments & turns all happiness into endless smiles.

On the evening, before their wedding festivities began, Sai & Trupti took out some time to make some timeless couple portraits in Goa. And when nature & love works together, magic happens. It was surreal throughout, as dark clouds gathered giving a whole new colour to the sky. The cliffs & palm trees too were swooning in bliss. Trupti wore a yellow gown & that stood apart in adding more charm to the shoot. And all the while, Trupti & Sai silently celebrated their new journey together & the happiness of being with each other. 





Telugu Wedding at Radisson Blu,Vishakhapatnam

Telugu Wedding at Radisson Blu,Vishakhapatnam

Telugu Wedding at Radisson Blu,Vishakhapatnam

Some things are just meant to be. And some stories are meant to be. That’s the case for Bhagya & Vignesh. They met in college in 2011 and became very close friends. But the real story started when they landed in the same city, New York for their masters. And very soon, their friendship turned into romance. In the summer of 2021, they made things official over an engagement on the yacht in the beautiful landscape of Maui. And they got married in the most beautiful way in a telugu wedding in December 2021 at Radisson Blu, Vishakhapatnam – and we were there!

We have covered a few telugu weddings before ( Lohit- Rishika, Saket – Sri Lakshmi), and we love covering telugu weddings 🙂 Here’s sharing the photo story of three beautiful days spent at the Radisson Blu, Vishakhapatnam with Bhagya & Vig (as Vignesh is fondly called). The first day started with pujas and small rituals at Bhagya’s house in Vizag. The quaint homely setup with garden and greenery around was a treat to the eyes. The setup was totally intimate and beautiful, and we made some great portraits of the couple and both the families.



Later, the next day, the party. shifted to Radisson Blu, Vizag. The next day started with a very vibrant Haldi. Happy yellow faces took over and didn’t spare Bhagya & Vig at all. To which Vig exclaimed “If these are friends, don’t know what would be enemies”. Post the Haldi aftermath, there was an afternoon carnival where everyone dressed up and let their hair down for a fun afternoon. It was followed by dance and bonding with each other. 


Everyone waited for the sangeet scheduled later in the evening. Our groom Vig is one talented man, and he stole the show with his band performance. The night saw heart-warming performances and some epic moves. New stories were created, while old friendships were relieved. When you get together with your friends and family post covid, it leads to creating great memories, and that’s what we witnessed here 🙂





The wedding morning started early with Bhagya & Vig getting ready. The south Indian attires, the sounds of nadaswaram, the filter coffee set for a great wedding mood. The wedding was beautiful and mesmerizing. Everything worked in our favor and we have such fond memories. Thank you Bhagya & Vig and both the families for having us, we are so thankful that our paths crossed 🙂 

Grand Muslim Wedding in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Grand Muslim Wedding in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Grand Muslim Wedding in Dhaka, Bangladesh

At the outset of this beautiful year 2019, we covered one of the most grand muslim wedding in Dhaka, Bangladesh. And there is a bit of a small back story we would like to share here.

Anupam says – “When I first got a call about a wedding in Dhaka, I hardly believed the person on the other side. A wedding planner in Kolkata approached for the so called wedding. He was infact speaking on behalf of Bangladesh’s biggest wedding planner and decorator Sygmaz. By the time the event got confirmed it was only 11 days left to complete all the visa formalities and travel arrangments. This would have otherwise been impossible considering it takes 10 days to just complete visa formalities and that too it had to be done from Kolkata. Being in Mumbai didn’t help at all. But all that was made possible by the event planners flying us business class and getting a stamped visa signed by High Commissioner in Bangladesh. This is hands down one of the most lavish wedding we have covered till date and to be frank it was a humbling experience. Especially when the bride’s father Mr Abdul Wahed, owner of DBL group is the textile king of Bangladesh. Striking thing is despite his wealth & the fame, he was very kind and humble. One thing we learnt is the people in Bangladesh have very similar values to ours and whether it is the language or traditions there was hardly any difference. The only gripe we had was that there were multiple teams almost 4 other teams which really made it a mess to cover the event. Nevertheless very proud of what we were able to manage and have only very fond memories and hope to go back to Dhaka soon.”

What started with an arranged marriage match for Sadia & Abraar, led to multiple meetings, and eventually they fell in love. And it’s such a beautiful match, Sadia says he treats her like a crown on his head, while he says she has changed his life in all beautiful ways. We have covered several international destination weddings (Kenya & Thailand), and this one remains our favorite

The wedding festivities spanned for four days, the events were – Holud (Haldi), Sangeet, Wedding & Reception. Sadia & Abraar already had their Nikaah earlier. Since there were not much rituals involved, we had a lot of time for the portraits & couple shoot. The first day was Holud, and it was lavish and joyous affair, and when Mika Singh was also in the house, one can only see the energy and spirit at sky-high. The next was sangeet at Abraar’s house, and it was yet another fun event. It was followed by the wedding which happened at Radisson Blue, Dhaka. Sadia & Abraar entered hand-in-hand and she left everyone in tears as she headed for her new journey. It was one of the those difficult moments that we photographers have to witness time and again. And the last and finale day was the reception. All the other functions were in Pan Pacific, Sonargaon, Dhaka. Striking decor was the major highlight in this wedding. Some of the important wedding makers : 

Thanks to Sadia & Abraar and their families who gave us so many fond memories and loads of stories. Lets take you through their wedding film, and then the photo-stories. Our work in this wedding got us the Great Indian Wedding Award 2019 by ICWF in Photo-Stills category.