Gujarati wedding at ITC Grand Central, Parel

Gujarati wedding at ITC Grand Central, Parel

Smruti & Sapan’s wedding events were nothing short of magical. From the energetic cocktail party, and Sangeet ceremony to the splendid wedding ceremony, each day was filled with elegance, beauty, and a touch of enchantment.


On the grand finale of Smruti & Sapan’s wedding celebrations, love was in the air as they tied the knot amidst the regal splendor of the iconic ITC Grand Central, Parel. The wedding day was a culmination of love, joy, and exquisite details, making it a memorable affair for all. The magnificent venue with its well-designed framework, architecture, and opulent interiors served as the perfect backdrop for Smruti and Sapan’s union. The decorators from creativeconceptsdecor added a vibrant touch to the wedding venue, transforming it into a beautiful setting. The mandap, where the couple took their vows, was adorned with vibrant flowers and drapery. Smruti looked resplendent in her peach-pink bridal attire, having intricate embroidery, while Sapan looked dapper in his traditional off-white Sherwani, exuding grace and charm. To enhance Smruti’s natural beauty, the make-up artists from bridalmakeupbynidhithakkar did a flawless job by creating a stunning look for the bride, highlighting her features with a soft and elegant touch, while hairstoriesbychandni did excellent work on styling the bride’s hair. 



While Smruti and Sapan’s wedding day was one to cherish, their pre-wedding celebrations, such as Haldi and Sangeet were also filled with emotions, entertainment, and unforgettable moments. The day before the wedding, the Pithi (Haldi) ceremony took place at Sukkar Bhavan, Wadala. The atmosphere was lively and full of fun & laughter. As the day passed by, the Sangeet evening commenced at the Gallops, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai. An elegantly decorated space by your_wedding_crafters set the stage for a night of revelry and mesmerism, allowing us to capture many beautiful memories. The entire lawn was embellished with stunning floral arrangements, twinkling fairy lights, and lush foliage, creating an ambiance of joy and celebration. The stage was the center of attention, enhanced with warm and shimmering backdrops, which also resulted in an amazing color palette. Smruti in her gorgeous midnight blue lehenga designed by Aanchalsstudio looked absolutely stunning. The outfit’s hue with sparkling sequins and delicate embroidery added to her charisma. Sapan matched her style with a well-tailored indo-western outfit that added to his striking personality. Together, they stole the show.


What kicked off the wedding celebrations was a glamorous cocktail party which was held at Balmy, Breach Candy. The aura was electric, with the couple and their friends dancing the night off in their dazzling outfits, with high energy.


Mother’s Day 2023: A Photo Story

Mother’s Day 2023: A Photo Story

Mother’s Day 2023: A Photo Story

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate and appreciate the love and sacrifices of mothers. We have had the privilege of capturing the beautiful moments of countless mothers on their son/daughter’s wedding day. We have seen the silent, warm, and beautiful moments of their unconditional love & support for their children. For us every time its Mother’s Day when we witness and get to document these beautiful moments full of love, happiness, care, and joy 🙂

On this special day, we want to take a moment to honor all the amazing mothers out there. From the late nights and early mornings to the tears, smiles, and laughter, “She” is the one who has been there through thick and thin. She is the one who makes silent sacrifices every single day just so you can have the best of everything. A mother is literally like our superhero.

The joy and pride that mothers feel on their son/daughter’s wedding day is overwhelming. It’s a bittersweet moment for them, as they are thrilled to see their child start a new chapter in their life but also sad to see them leave the home. Nevertheless, they put their own feelings aside and focus on making the day as special as possible. One of the most emotional moments of a wedding day is when the mother sees her son/daughter in their wedding attire for the first time. It’s a moment filled with so many emotions, it’s a reminder of the love and bond, the sacrifices that were made to get to that moment, and also the fact that children grow up so fast. To the mothers of the brides and grooms that we have had the pleasure of working with, we want to say a special thank you for entrusting us with capturing your son/daughter’s special day. It is an honor to be a part of such a momentous occasion and to witness a rollercoaster of emotions that a mother feels as she watches her son/daughter get married.

Here’s to every extraordinary, loving mother in this world, we wish you a happy Mother’s Day filled with joy, laughter, and cherishable moments. Thank you for all that you do.


Rithvik & Lavanya’s Telugu wedding in Hyderabad

Rithvik & Lavanya’s Telugu wedding in Hyderabad

Rithvik & Lavanya’s Telugu wedding in Hyderabad

Lavanya-Rithvik’s Telugu wedding in Hyderabad was a beautiful one, filled with excitement, emotions, energy, and of course, amazing color palettes. We covered Rithvik’s sister Rishika’s wedding in Vishakhapatnam in the year 2019, it was an exhilarating feeling to be reuniting with the family again to cover Rithvik’s wedding 🙂

The wedding was made truly special by their story, which was one of gradual discovery and growth, culminating in a beautiful union that we felt excited to witness and capture on camera. It started when Lavanya and Rithvik met on an online dating platform and felt a spark. Their first meeting was promising, and they realized they had a lot in common. Over time, their relationship grew and evolved, with Lavanya bringing positivity and energy to Rithvik’s life.

The festivities began with the Sangeet at Prestige Nirvana Club, Hyderabad. The venue’s seamless fusion of greenery and symmetric patterns resulted in aesthetically pleasing pictures. Lavanya and Rithvik looked fabulous in their matching Lilac outfits. The mood was lively and upbeat, with family and friends joining in to celebrate the couple’s impending union, with their spectacular performances. Every performance was a treat to the eye and we just enjoyed capturing every moment of the evening. Lavanya and Rithvik looked radiant as they danced the night away, surrounded by loved ones who couldn’t wait to see them tie the knot.


The following day, the Haldi ceremony transpired. Lavanya’s ceremony came about at Ashiana Banquets, Hyderabad, while Rithvik’s unfolded at his house. The atmosphere was filled with fun and laughter as friends and family covered the couple in turmeric paste. The exuberant aura of a Telugu Haldi never fails to captivate us, and we cannot resist the allure of documenting lively celebrations through our lenses.


As the day wore on, the enchanting ambiance of Ashiana Banquets played host to Lavanya and Rithvik’s heartwarming wedding event. With the calm yet lively surroundings at the venue along with stunning decor highlighted by red-white palette flowers and fairy lights, we got some amazing photographs. Lavanya looked breathtakingly beautiful in a Telugu bridal saree, adorned with jewelry and intricate henna designs. Rithvik cut a striking figure in his traditional Telugu attire. The couples exchanged garlands and took vows in the presence of their loved ones.


As their photographer, it was a delight to capture their chemistry. From the playful banter during the Haldi occasion to the emotional moments of their big day, from Lavanya’s tears as she saw Rithvik step out of the car on the wedding day to the laughter and fun they shared during Talambralu, every experience we witnessed was unique in their own way. When looking through the pictures of their wedding, one could see the joy and love emanating from every frame.

North Indian wedding at Vivanta Dwarka, New Delhi

North Indian wedding at Vivanta Dwarka, New Delhi

North Indian wedding at Vivanta Dwarka, New Delhi

Weddings are a special occasion, and every couple deserves the perfect celebration to mark the start of their journey together. This was the case for Naina and Apaar, whose wedding events were nothing short of spectacular. Their wedding took place at the stunning Vivanta Dwarka, New Delhi. Sprawling over 7 acres, the venue is an ideal location for celebrations. As their photographer, we were thrilled to be a part of their special day, capturing all the details that made their wedding unique.

The nuptial ceremonies in Delhi are infused with a distinctive charm, owing to their grand nature, where the festivities unfold into a kaleidoscope of emotions, ambiance, cuisine, attire, embellishments, and other enthralling elements.

As their wedding photographer, it was an honor to capture the beautiful moments from Naina and Apaar’s celebrations. The decor was impeccable, and every event was uniquely themed, which added to the charm of the occasion. The attention to detail was visible and it was evident that the couple had spent a lot of time planning their special day.

While the decor and events were stupendous, the story of how they met was also amazing. They met through mutual friends in 2017 but didn’t connect immediately. It wasn’t until they met online that they started talking, and the rest, as they say, is history. Their proposal in Puerto Rico, on a secluded beach, was nothing short of magical. Their wedding was a true representation of their love and commitment to each other.

Naina and Apaar’s wedding transpired over two days. Starting with day 1, the mehndi ceremony was decorated with vibrant colors and intricate designs, which matched the theme perfectly, creating a festive atmosphere. The couple made their astonishing appearance with colorful smoke guns and dhol-tasha, while their loved ones cheered and danced along. Following the mehndi function, the engagement ceremony came about in the evening. The venue was transformed into a stunning setup with a beautifully decorated platform with chandeliers above, fairy lights, and verdant green drapes. The couple exchanged rings, a moment filled with love and joy. We captured some beautiful moments of the day, filled with enthusiasm.



Moving on to Day 2, the Haldi ceremony was a lively affair. The space was decorated with marigold flowers, which added a pop of color to the occasion. As Naina and Apaar stepped into the venue in their flamboyant pink and yellow outfits, their family and friends showered them with a cascade of yellow petals, played fun games, and soon smeared them with turmeric paste and water. Finally, the wedding event, which was the highlight, commenced on the evening of day 2. Naina’s sparkling jewelry and intricate henna designs complemented her breathtaking red bridal attire, while Apaar’s confident smile added to his dashing look in a rose-gold sherwani. With the Phoolon Ki Chadar held high above her, Naina’s grand entrance commanded everyone’s attention, while Apaar stunned the crowd with his baarat, rolling in a vintage Rolls Royce. What made the wedding arrangements truly mesmerizing were the spherical mandap, lanterns, fairy lights, and even the carefully decorated chairs. Soon, the couple performed the rituals and exchanged their vows, it was an emotional yet beautiful affair.



Makeup artist – ridhimadhawanmakeup 

Mehndi outfit designer –  aumbyashmaasit

Haldi outfit designer – debyoustore






Maharashtrian-Telugu Wedding at Pandit Farms, Pune

Maharashtrian-Telugu Wedding at Pandit Farms, Pune

Maharashtrian-Telugu Wedding at Pandit Farms, Pune

Samruddhi and Ripujit’s paths crossed during their masters at university. They didn’t have any classes together, but they both had a mutual friend who happened to be Ripujit’s roommate. One day, this friend invited Samruddhi to Ripujit’s birthday party, which he hosted at their shared apartment. He was cooking for 20 people and promised it would be a fun night.

When Samruddhi arrived at the party, she was struck by how charming and engaging Ripujit was. He was moving around the room, ensuring everyone was having a good time, and she found herself drawn to him. They started talking and laughing, and by the end of the night, she felt a strong connection with him.

Over the next few weeks, Samruddhi and Ripujit started spending more time together. They would study in the library, grab lunch between classes, and discuss their interests. Ripujit knew he liked her a lot when they went hiking with some friends. They walked for miles, talking and laughing, and he felt a sense of ease and comfort around her that he had never experienced before.

As they got to know each other better, their feelings deepened. They started dating officially and soon became inseparable. Cut to 2021…After their small court wedding, Samruddhi and Ripujit longed for a bigger celebration with all their loved ones. However, with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it seemed like their dream of having a big wedding was far from possible. But they didn’t give up hope. Finally, in December 2022, they decided to have their big celebration in Pune. They found the perfect venue at Pandit Farms, surrounded by tall palm trees and the refreshing breeze from the nearby hills.

They had a fun Haldi on the terrace of Ramee Grand surrounded by their closest friends and family. and the Wedding took place the next day at Pandit farms, The wedding day was absolutely magical!

Have a look at the photo set!







Wedding at Ayurvan Waterside, Hyderabad

Wedding at Ayurvan Waterside, Hyderabad

Wedding at Ayurvan Waterside, Hyderabad

Gujarati weddings are known for their grandeur, extravagance, and unique traditions that make them a celebration of a lifetime. Angira and Lou’s wedding festivities were spread across 3 days at different locations in Hyderabad. Guests flew in from all over the world to celebrate this joyous day. Angira and Lou’s story of how they met is a great example of how unexpected connections can lead to lifelong relationships. It’s incredible to think that they met at a career counselling session in grad school, where Lou was her counsellor. They struck up a conversation and from there, a beautiful love story began.

Let’s go in reverse order of functions which were the Wedding and Reception.


Day 3

Angira’s choice to wear her mother’s saree blouse along with her elegant pink and gold saree on her wedding day is a beautiful tribute to her family’s traditions and a way to honour her mother’s special day. The fact that both sisters chose to wear their mother’s saree blouse on their wedding day, in the same venue and three years apart, adds even more sentimental value to the garment.

After the joyful chaos of the Varmala ceremony, Angira made her way to where Lou was waiting for her. Lou’s eyes were filled with tears of happiness and anticipation as he stood at the Mandap ready to marry the love of his life. Soon after they got married following a traditional Gujarati ceremony. Angira and Lou’s decision to incorporate personalized vows into their Indian wedding ceremony is a beautiful way to make their special day more personal and meaningful.

Angira and Lou’s choice to have a live band, A26India, was a great way to keep the energy high and the guests entertained.

A26India’s performance of popular hits from the 90s and Bollywood songs made it impossible for anyone to resist the urge to dance, and the atmosphere was electric with excitement and joy. The Reception was a fun-filled extravaganza, filled with dancing, drinking, and partying that lasted well into the night. 

Having a live band is a great way to create a fun and interactive environment at a wedding reception, as it allows the guests to feel like they are a part of the celebration. It also adds a personal touch to the event, as the couple can choose songs that are meaningful to them and their relationship.

The dance floor was packed with guests showing off their best moves to the band’s infectious tunes. The drinks flowed freely, with the bar serving up an array of cocktails, beers, and wines. The decorations were stunning, with fairy lights and flowers adorning the venue, giving it a romantic and enchanting ambience. As the night progressed, the energy in the room only intensified, with guests letting their hair down and truly enjoying themselves. It was a celebration of love and happiness, and everyone was there to share in the joy of the newlyweds. Overall, it was a night to remember – a perfect blend of fun, partying, and dance that made it an unforgettable wedding celebration.



Day 2

The festive atmosphere of the Haldi ceremony greeted everyone as they made their way in with bright decorations, music, and the scent of turmeric filled the air. This vibrant and lovely affair was a whole new experience for Lou’s friends and family. But soon, everyone got into the spirit of the ceremony, smearing Haldi paste on each other’s faces and clothes. His friends tore his shirt and decorated him like a doll. As the Haldi ceremony came to an end, the guests left with fond memories of this fun and unique experience, having learned more about the beautiful traditions and customs of Indian culture.


Later that evening, the Sangeet at Ayurvan Waterside was nothing short of a music and dance extravaganza. Lyrical, Mirthful and full of joie de vivre, the couple’s family and best friends put up a Bollywood Theme dance show as an ode to the couple. Towards the end of the night, family and friends let their wild side take over and had fun!



Day 1

The celebrations kicked off with a Dinner to welcome everyone especially guests from the West Coast. Padmaja Palm Grove was beautifully decorated with vibrant fabrics, candles, and lanterns creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere. With a Sufi-themed night in store, the guests were in high spirits, laughing and chatting with each other, as they enjoyed the lively atmosphere. The atmosphere is electric, with guests laughing, cheering, and embracing the joy of the moment. The Live Band had the guests up on their feet clapping and dancing to the tunes and this night kicked off the wedding festivities in style. 





Event Management and Decor- Star Ventures