Ishita & Snehasish : Lavasa

Ishita & Snehasish : Lavasa

Ishita & Snehasish, are one couple we came across, who are totally pumped up and are always at the edge of their seats when it comes to planning and executing — their Pre-wedding & Wedding! You have to see their kickass pre-wedding shoot to believe us when we say that! 

Dating each other since a decade, knowing each other in and out, they still have those cute moments of immense love and intense playfulness. Re-creating some of their favorite memories and never shying away from trying new things, we had a ball in Lavasa, where we shot their pre-wedding. Exploring the coloured walls, strolling the streets in a cycle and lighting up their smiles in the night, each frame has a story from that crazy day. Ishita ensured our energy were restored from time to time with tea breaks and small stories.








A fun-filled couple shoot in Mumbai

A fun-filled couple shoot in Mumbai

Love is in the cute smiles and cherishing special magical moments, made together. And when you see the this pre-wedding photographs, we are sure you will agree to the same. Thankfully, Mumbai offers plethora of marvellous spots, where you can take timelessly glorious photographs. Photographs where magic is created with glorious backdrop, and ofcourse amazing chemistry.

Well, enough said! Now time to go through the pictures, check them below! 🙂






Priyanka & Vishesh: Sindhi Wedding in Nagpur

Priyanka & Vishesh: Sindhi Wedding in Nagpur

 We love bringing stories from all parts of the country as much as we love shooting them. But, the wedding season really keeps us on our toes that we often miss out sharing some really great stuff due to new weddings coming on our way. Struggles of a Wedding Photographer! (Sighs) . This one is about an year ago, when Vishesh and Priyanka got married at Sun and Sand hotel in Nagpur as per sindhi rituals. They celebrated their wedding anniversary a month ago.  Priyanka, a CA hails from Indore while Vishesh is an IT engineer who works in U.S, belonging from Nagpur. Thus, the destination Nagpur.  How the photographs do the major talking for the gorgeous bride and the good-looking groom on their wedding, you shall spectate here.

Priyanka and Vishesh had separate ladies “Sangeet” functions. We covered the groom’s Sangeet function which was clubbed with his thread ceremony.  While everyone were having a blast, we were on our toes capturing all the action as real as it could get. That involved going frighteningly close to people dancing frantically. We love the unhindered candid action shots and to get them right we often had to push ourselves off the limits. The next day the baraat started late afternoon in the blazing heat of May in Nagpur and it was excruciatingly hot! We were really surprised with the enthusiasm with which everyone danced in the blazing sun. Photographs don’t come out well when the sun is high in the sky, it casts ugly dark shadows on the faces. So we waited for the baraat to pass through the shade of a tree and then sprung to action. It is important to see how the light is falling on the subjects. Sometimes even during the bright sunny day because of light reflecting from a nearby light colored wall or glass buildings, the light can come at just the right angle. It is also a good idea to use a flash along with a ND filter. Okay, enough of technalities now, Right (blushes)!

After the baraat was welcomed the groom headed for bride’s room where a small ceremony was performed. The room was filled with laughter with women cracking and teasing the couple throughout the ceremony. Thereafter they proceeded together to Mandap and we will surrender you to the photographs of the day to narrate the rest of wedding.

Priyanka looked like a beautiful “Red-dream” in her stunning  Red Lehenga, matching it with golden jewellery whereas Vishesh looked suave in his White Sherwani.

 After the wedding, there was a reception ceremony where the bride and groom made a fashionably late entry, hand in hand. And as soon as they got on stage the sky burst into fireworks and the stage was lit with pyro-works. By the way, it was really hard to believe that this stunning couple had an arranged marriage, because their chemistry reveals that they know each other since ages altogether. We had an amazing session with our enthusiastic couple who took out time after reception for some beautiful photographs in the hotel premises. The recreation of a ball dance and a date for some romantic fairy tale photographs paid off all our hard-work. 

If you wish to know how we shot these photographs. Comment in the section below and we will disclose our technique.






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Silhouetting the Landscape

Silhouetting the Landscape

I sat down penning after a long time. I thought-” this time, I will write something legendary”. But, self realisation struck me really hard, wasn’t I trying to make my blog legendary, last time too. I failed miserably. I found so many glitches in my previous posts. One doesn’t make something great by will but it is the interplay of destiny and will. So, am I set to write a legendary blog this time, I  would like to believe so. So I decided not to bother about the result.  But then the thought of creating a masterpiece doesn’t really die off, it lingered on and made me ponder deep, but with no success.

Then I had a brainwave, why not write about silhouettes? As some of my best shot are silhouettes. Silhouette is the easiest way to get an amazing photograph. Rather, I would advice every beginner to start with silhouettes. They are charecterized by a dark foreground or midground and bright background. They lend a surreal effect to every photograph and boy! they are always breathtaking!

Taken up on FD-3 terrace atop Staircase housing

Taken up on FD-3 terrace atop Staircase housing

How to take a Silhouette:

1: If you have a DSLR then switch to Matrix metering mode in Nikon Cameras and Evaluative mode for Canon.

2: Decide your subject and try to focus at one third of the frame so that you could focus at hyperfocal distance. This doesnt ensure you will be focussing at hyperfocal distance but you might get lucky.

In the photograph below image has been shot by focussing at hyperfocal distance to get maximum depth of field. I took this from the terrace of the institute building of my college Bits Pilani on a rainy day.

3: Always meter for the bright region in the background and underexpose it by one or two stop. This will make ur midground object dark and bring in more details in the background.

4: The best time to shoot Silhouettes is sunset, sunrise,dawn and twilight hours.

5: To add an element in the foreground you can use flash as demonstrated in one photograph. In the photograph below i use the ttl flash of my dslr.

6: Click in RAW mode so that you have more control in editing.Also look for leading lines which add value to the photograph and would visually appealing. The shimmering wall leads towards the clock tower

7: Keep your horizon at one third from the top or bottom in the frame. If the sky is very dramtic and you want to take more of sky then horizon should be placed at one third distance from the bottom and vice versa.

8: Look for reflection of the objects in the wet ground or water body. Try to take them by taking care of  exposure and focus. In the following photograph I sat down on the wet ground wetting my pants to take the reflection on the wet surface of the terrace.

Reflecting Tower

Reflecting Tower

9: Don’t always look for inaminate object to silhouette them. Try out silhouettes with living beings. for eg :

If you want to knpow anything more about silhouettes write to me.


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