Naiya & Darshan : Wedding in Mombasa, Kenya

Naiya & Darshan : Wedding in Mombasa, Kenya


From Friendzone to the Endzone: Naiya and Darshan’s Desi Beach Wedding in Kenya

What would you say if your brother prophesizes your wedding with the girl you had just met? This is the magical story of the lovely couple Darshan and Naiya, both NRIs residing in Uganda & Kenya respectively, who met at their friend’s wedding in 2014 and parted ways. A chance meeting brought them together again, where they became friends and stayed friends for a long time (much to Darshan’s dismay), before finally transforming into a couple (much to Darshan & Naiya’s joy), who decided to spend eternity together. We were so happy to be a part of their beautiful beach wedding when called by the duo, who wanted the Best Wedding photographers in India to capture their wedding held at  Nyali Resorts, Mombasa, Kenya.

Naiya, a hotelier from Nairobi and Darshan, an industrialist from Uganda, are both Gujratis settled in the Pardes, with shudh desi hearts, something that shone through all the ceremonies they held, be it the Sangeet, the Mehendi, or the Holi Pool Party – which made for great fun and some amazing photos!

The wedding festivities kicked off with an African themed-party. Balancing their African roots with their Indian heritage, the event had enthralling performances showcased by the African dancers. It was a true delight to capture the two love birds, who were decked up in traditional jazzy African attires, having an absolute blast with friends and family, as they shimmied the night away.

If Day One was a rocker, Day Two was nothing less of Rockfest! What started as a Haldi-applying ceremony, soon saw many more colors thrown in. We reached the pool to find the air lit up with an array of colors, as people drenched each other in water and played Holi to their heart’s content. True to their party animal spirits, the merriment continued throughout the day, into the evening, with the Sangeet ceremony, followed by yet another round of, you guessed it, a DJ party!

D-day arrived and saw the handsome couple turn up in color coordinating outfits as they walked down the wedding Mandap. The Palatial look of the Venue, with the attires worn by the guests, gave us major #Royaltyfeels. With the Var Malas exchanged and Vows said, Naiya officially became Darshan’s wife! The Vidai, as she rightly puts it, should be seen as an happy affair, for although you are moving away from your family, you are also moving towards the life of your dreams, with the person you love. The photos we captured are the testimony of that love. Naiya was extremely overjoyed when she saw these photos & the film and stated “KnotsbyAMP – Best Choice Ever”. We wish you two nothing but a lifetime of happiness and abundance. Look on! 

Before you  head down to see the photos, have a look at the short film we made.








Jayanti & Nidhish : Wedding in Mumbai

Jayanti & Nidhish : Wedding in Mumbai


Its not everyday that you get to see a couple enjoying their wedding rituals so much, as how Jayanti & Nidhish did!

Jayanti & Nidhish had a truly colourful and vibrant wedding where they mixed elements of maharashtrian & kannadiga rituals with great style & elan. The day started with the bride getting ready and her happiness & joy was through the roof. Thereafter the celebrations moved to Athena Banquets, Powai where the couple very happily took their forever vows. Everyone present there witnessed their charming chemistry, little musings and chivalries as they embarked on a new journey from here. Our goal here was to document all their happiness which would be cherished forever, and now scroll down for the beautiful photo-set!

Photography : Anupam Maurya & Pratik Mehta
MUA : Malika Bhat
Location : Athena Banquets, Powai



Sadia & Abraar : A Grand Muslim Wedding in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Sadia & Abraar : A Grand Muslim Wedding in Dhaka, Bangladesh

At the outset of this beautiful year 2019, we covered one of the most grand weddings in Dhaka, Bangladesh. And there is a bit of a small back story we would like to share here.

Anupam says – “When I first got a call about a wedding in Dhaka, I hardly believed the person on the other side. A wedding planner in Kolkata approached for the so called wedding. He was infact speaking on behalf of Bangladesh’s biggest wedding planner and decorator Sygmaz. By the time the event got confirmed it was only 11 days left to complete all the visa formalities and travel arrangments. This would have otherwise been impossible considering it takes 10 days to just complete visa formalities and that too it had to be done from Kolkata. Being in Mumbai didn’t help at all. But all that was made possible by the event planners flying us business class and getting a stamped visa signed by High Commissioner in Bangladesh. This is hands down one of the most lavish wedding we have covered till date and to be frank it was a humbling experience. Especially when the bride’s father Mr Abdul Wahed, owner of DBL group is the textile king of Bangladesh. Striking thing is despite his wealth & the fame, he was very kind and humble. One thing we learnt is the people in Bangladesh have very similar values to ours and whether it is the language or traditions there was hardly any difference. The only gripe we had was that there were multiple teams almost 4 other teams which really made it a mess to cover the event. Nevertheless very proud of what we were able to manage and have only very fond memories and hope to go back to Dhaka soon.”

What started with an arranged marriage match for Sadia & Abraar, led to multiple meetings, and eventually they fell in love. And it’s such a beautiful match, Sadia says he treats her like a crown on his head, while he says she has changed his life in all beautiful ways 🙂

The wedding festivities spanned for four days, the events were – Holud (Haldi), Sangeet, Wedding & Reception. Sadia & Abraar already had their Nikaah earlier. Since there were not much rituals involved, we had a lot of time for the portraits & couple shoot. The first day was Holud, and it was lavish and joyous affair, and when Mika Singh was also in the house, one can only see the energy and spirit at sky-high. The next was sangeet at Abraar’s house, and it was yet another fun event. It was followed by the wedding which happened at Radisson Blue, Dhaka. Sadia & Abraar entered hand-in-hand and she left everyone in tears as she headed for her new journey. It was one of the those difficult moments that we photographers have to witness time and again. And the last and finale day was the reception. All the other functions were in Pan Pacific, Sonargaon, Dhaka. Striking decor was the major highlight in this wedding. Some of the important wedding makers : 

Thanks to Sadia & Abraar and their families who gave us so many fond memories and loads of stories. Lets take you through their wedding film, and then the photo-stories. Our work in this wedding got us the Great Indian Wedding Award 2019 by ICWF in Photo-Stills category. 


Sanket and Monika : Maharashtrian Wedding at Ajanta Ambassador, Aurangabad

Sanket and Monika : Maharashtrian Wedding at Ajanta Ambassador, Aurangabad

Sanket & Monika got married at Ajanta Ambassador, Aurangabad and it was such a beautiful & vibrant wedding filled with colours, emotions, love & warmth. It was maharashtrian wedding, but very different from the usual ones 🙂

What started as an arranged marriage match for them, ended in finding the truest love. Sanket did his part of surprising her several times in their courtship period, and thus wooing her eventually. A dreamy proposal sealed their deal. They were staying in two different cities, Sanket in Pune & Monika in Aurangabad. This is their story in Sanket’s words – 
We were introduced by our parents as it’s was an arranged marriage. The initial stage was confusing and our parents were gracious to provide both of us with enough time to take a decision on each other. We were glad and equally happy for us that we moved ahead together. Out of the 3 months of our courtship period, It took us almost 2 months to have our first picture clicked as both of us were of shy nature and took our own time as we also didn’t get to spend as much time as we wished. However the next month, we bonded and fell in love. I was the one who started falling for this relationship first so that meant I had to be the one taking more efforts. She planned to watch a movie with me for that I would travel all the way to her city Aurangabad , if we had a fight although because of me, again I had to travel to the city to make it up to her. It was 26th December 2018, when I proposed her. So the plan started 2 months ago and in that time period I had a rough idea of what I was thinking to do for that special day. I wanted it to be done on a lake with lanterns and on a boat with fireworks. I made sure that she wears the clothes that I bought for her on that day so I had to buy 4 set of clothes to let her have options and choose. I planned to travel 1100 kms in 21 hours thanks to my car so that I could pick her up from home and take her to the place where I planned to propose her. And I was totally thrilled when she said yes. That was the month where she and I got to know each other on a different level. On 3rd January 2019, we got engaged. And now both of us feel like that yes we can’t wait and to get married, so don’t know if it’s an arranged or love marriage.😅

They were looking for best candid wedding photographers to capture their wedding and that’s how they approached us. We were privileged enough to spend a day with them before their wedding, for their pre-wedding shoot at Dapoli. Together with them, we explored the amazing beaches, ran with the windy breeze, played with splashy waters & danced along. And of course, took some pictures. They wanted to re-create their proposal story. The set-up with the curtains, lights, ballons, candles, wine, chocolates, cushion pillows & “name it & they had it all” possible goodies made way in creating the most beautiful proposal we had seen. Monika said yes once again to Sanket. The fact that we bonded so well made us look really forward to the wedding, by the end of the shoot.

The Wedding

The Wedding festivities started with the haldi. They had kept a “south indian” themed haldi. It started with a ceremonial bathing of the bride and groom in the open amidst cloudy skies. Thereafter, rains visited as a surprise, all of us had to rush indoors. The next ceremony of haldi was supposed to happen outdoors, and all of us including the couple, family & friends waited anxiously for the rains to stop. Every cloud has a silver lining, they say. Its very true indeed! The rains stopped and they had a beautiful haldi ceremony with so much fun scenes happening. Like literally, even the photographers weren’t spared by the bride. It was followed by a few rounds of grand flower shower on the couple. Looked surreal, gorgeous & stunning as we freezed the moments in our cameras.

The Sangeet started with a grand entry of the couple in a chariot. That magical evening saw a lot of performances from the closed family, friends and relatives. Monika enthralled the audience with her performance. We had gotten to believe by then that Sanket & surprises go hand in hand. And, he pulled off a surprise dance performance for Monika. It was a very emotional moment for her, and we loved seeing her reactions as he nailed his performance. What followed next was a beautiful couple dance performance and then the families got together on stage, the happy scene being lit with fireworks. The last day before their big day, and we saw everyone overwhelmed with emotions.

The wedding day started with the bride and groom getting ready in their respective rooms. Soon thereafter, the wedding vidhis started. There were smiling glances and happiness throughout the wedding. It was followed by the baraat & antarpat. And thus, vows for lifetime togetherness was sealed. The wedding ended with a surprise music performance by Gilbert Gauci (Sanket’s friend from Scotland who is an amazing singer)

The grand reception in the evening was a perfect culmination of all the events put together. And we loved the way Monika & Sanket made an entry amidst the pyro fireworks & thai dancers. There are some special people who continuously worked to make sure that bride & groom aren’t stressed & deserve a mention – Meenal, Kaushal, Shrikant, Aditya, Rohit. Thank you guys, you all were super amazing and super supportive. Thank you Sanket & Monika for letting us be a part of your big day, you both are adorable.

The Wedding Venue, Ajanta Ambassador is one of the heritage properties in the country and shares a lot of history that is reflected in its interiors with antiques and designs. With that heritage set-up, a new story with timeless photographs got written. One more unique part of this wedding was that all the events happened in the open. With stunning decor for all the events, your pinterest board will get loaded from this wedding!

Important Wedding Makers :
1. MUA : Ritika Grover
2. Event Planner : Event 365
3. Monika’s Attire : Reception @kshitijchoudharylabel
4. Sanket’s Attire : Wedding @groomsofsabyasachi
5. Photographs by : Anupam Maurya & Soumi Goswami
6. Venue : Ajanta Ambassador, Aurangabad



Pankaj & Priyanshi : Wedding at ITC Grand Maratha

Pankaj & Priyanshi : Wedding at ITC Grand Maratha

Pankaj & Priyanshi got married at ITC Grand Maratha, Mumbai, and it was one of the most beautiful weddings we covered this year. #shigotpunked is all about two amazing fun loving souls in love! 

We met Pankaj & Priyanshi over a cup of coffee at Starbucks and as they went about discussing their schedule, we knew that this is going to be a great one. Pankaj & Priyanshi knew each other since very long. Though there was a certain point of time, they lost in touch with each other due to distance & the ache that comes along with it. But destiny had bigger plans for them. When Pankaj came back to India after his studies, they found love again. And then everyone knew where it would lead eventually.

What started with their amazing pre wedding shoot in Nashik, ended with fun festivities spread out for five days. And it was so much fun to document each chapter of their wedding. The pre wedding functions happened at Pankaj & Priyanshi’s houses respectively, the mehendi ceremony at Hiton, Mumbai, and the sangeet & wedding at ITC Grand Maratha. There are so many reasons to remember this wedding – the happiness & the joys of the families, the amount of fun these two had & lastly shooting the bride who had her own baraat. Thank you guys for letting us document your special days. Let us take you through their wedding story in photographs below  





Pooja & Sairam : Tamil Wedding in Mumbai

Pooja & Sairam : Tamil Wedding in Mumbai

When we asked Sairam his take on love, he stated “Pyaar Dosti Hai”. And this is a story when two best friends married each other. Yes, total “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” feels. Another interesting part, Sairam & Pooja are neighbours in the same building, Soumya Towers in Chembur. And their journey from neighbours to friends to lovers brewed from there!

For the longest time, we wanted to shoot a full-fledged tamil wedding. We have ofcourse shot many of them (Akhil – Shruti, Swati – Yash ), but majorly they were all cross culture weddings, having one essence of tamil wedding, blended with the other culture. And thats when some time in October last year, we got a call from Sairam for the coverage of his wedding. Both Sairam & Pooja are tamilians. Since both of them stay in the same building, it was easy to have a meeting with both of them, plus their families. And soon we were on-board for their wedding in January 2019.

The wedding festivities spanned for three days, starting from the mehendi. Dressed in yellow & surrounded with all happy vibes were how Sairam & Pooja started their mehendi function, and we got to document a lot of happy stories there. It was followed by a very fun sangeet function in the evening. Friends & family danced their hearts out and it was such an amazing sight to see. The next day was followed by dance and engagement. The finale day was the wedding day. Pooja started getting ready very early in the morning and we started documenting the process from her house. What followed thereafter was beautiful, colourful & striking tamil wedding.

Pooja’s choice of saree & jewellery is worth mentioning here. She looked stunning in all the sarees Credits to MUA @shruthijulta for creating magic with her looks. Also, Sairam is hands down our quirkiest groom, his expressions says it all! 
Photographs by : Anupam Maurya, Soumi Goswami & Pratik Mehta

Let us watch their beautiful wedding film before we head to the photos.

Here you go now with their photo-story


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