Photography is a profession but the more personal you get, the better you can click. You get more receptive to the emotions around you and hence your lens capture them in the realest possible way. Like the trust the goes with a family physician it is good to be a family photographer for the same reasons. Nishita’s family is one that invests the trust it takes to capture the best moments at the biggest and the smallest of their family events in me. Having covered her grandparent’s Golden Jubilee Anniversary, I fit into their functions just like any other member of the family. As a photographer being a part of the celebrations gets you the best moments on shot. The real smiles, the real joy and the subtlest of the emotions are framed well.

Nishita is a graduate from New York and is now married to her long standing love Rohan, who she met in college.  In the Hindu tradition due to certain placement of the planet Mars, at the time of birth, it could lead to one being Mangalik. To cancel the power of that force, a pre-wedding ritual to marry a Tulsi plant (Holy Basil) is organized. The function is one of the marks of starting the wedding celebrations and the rituals hold a great value for the bride and the groom’s future wellbeing. Nishita and her family members celebrated the day with a zest, seeing the beginning of their lovely daughter stepping into a new life. Amidst the scenic beauty of a farmhouse in Lonavala all the ceremonies and smiles captured in the pictures speak for the excitement that everyone looks forward to for her wedding day.