Wedding at Ayurvan Waterside, Hyderabad

by | Apr 5, 2023

Gujarati weddings are known for their grandeur, extravagance, and unique traditions that make them a celebration of a lifetime. Angira and Lou’s wedding festivities were spread across 3 days at different locations in Hyderabad. Guests flew in from all over the world to celebrate this joyous day. Angira and Lou’s story of how they met is a great example of how unexpected connections can lead to lifelong relationships. It’s incredible to think that they met at a career counselling session in grad school, where Lou was her counsellor. They struck up a conversation and from there, a beautiful love story began.

Let’s go in reverse order of functions which were the Wedding and Reception.


Day 3

Angira’s choice to wear her mother’s saree blouse along with her elegant pink and gold saree on her wedding day is a beautiful tribute to her family’s traditions and a way to honour her mother’s special day. The fact that both sisters chose to wear their mother’s saree blouse on their wedding day, in the same venue and three years apart, adds even more sentimental value to the garment.

After the joyful chaos of the Varmala ceremony, Angira made her way to where Lou was waiting for her. Lou’s eyes were filled with tears of happiness and anticipation as he stood at the Mandap ready to marry the love of his life. Soon after they got married following a traditional Gujarati ceremony. Angira and Lou’s decision to incorporate personalized vows into their Indian wedding ceremony is a beautiful way to make their special day more personal and meaningful.

Angira and Lou’s choice to have a live band, A26India, was a great way to keep the energy high and the guests entertained.

A26India’s performance of popular hits from the 90s and Bollywood songs made it impossible for anyone to resist the urge to dance, and the atmosphere was electric with excitement and joy. The Reception was a fun-filled extravaganza, filled with dancing, drinking, and partying that lasted well into the night. 

Having a live band is a great way to create a fun and interactive environment at a wedding reception, as it allows the guests to feel like they are a part of the celebration. It also adds a personal touch to the event, as the couple can choose songs that are meaningful to them and their relationship.

The dance floor was packed with guests showing off their best moves to the band’s infectious tunes. The drinks flowed freely, with the bar serving up an array of cocktails, beers, and wines. The decorations were stunning, with fairy lights and flowers adorning the venue, giving it a romantic and enchanting ambience. As the night progressed, the energy in the room only intensified, with guests letting their hair down and truly enjoying themselves. It was a celebration of love and happiness, and everyone was there to share in the joy of the newlyweds. Overall, it was a night to remember – a perfect blend of fun, partying, and dance that made it an unforgettable wedding celebration.



Day 2

The festive atmosphere of the Haldi ceremony greeted everyone as they made their way in with bright decorations, music, and the scent of turmeric filled the air. This vibrant and lovely affair was a whole new experience for Lou’s friends and family. But soon, everyone got into the spirit of the ceremony, smearing Haldi paste on each other’s faces and clothes. His friends tore his shirt and decorated him like a doll. As the Haldi ceremony came to an end, the guests left with fond memories of this fun and unique experience, having learned more about the beautiful traditions and customs of Indian culture.


Later that evening, the Sangeet at Ayurvan Waterside was nothing short of a music and dance extravaganza. Lyrical, Mirthful and full of joie de vivre, the couple’s family and best friends put up a Bollywood Theme dance show as an ode to the couple. Towards the end of the night, family and friends let their wild side take over and had fun!



Day 1

The celebrations kicked off with a Dinner to welcome everyone especially guests from the West Coast. Padmaja Palm Grove was beautifully decorated with vibrant fabrics, candles, and lanterns creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere. With a Sufi-themed night in store, the guests were in high spirits, laughing and chatting with each other, as they enjoyed the lively atmosphere. The atmosphere is electric, with guests laughing, cheering, and embracing the joy of the moment. The Live Band had the guests up on their feet clapping and dancing to the tunes and this night kicked off the wedding festivities in style. 





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