Wedding at Discover Resorts, Karjat

by | Mar 11, 2024

Nilay and Rashmi’s Wedding Celebration at Discover Resorts, Karjat

Nilay and Rashmi’s wedding, brimming with laughter and celebration, unfolded beautifully at Discover Resorts, Karjat. Their love story is one of deep connection and shared journeys.

A College Romance Turned Lifelong Partnership

The couple first met at their college fest, where their friendship groups merged. This initial encounter blossomed into a strong bond over months of conversations, often calling each other while commuting or during free time. Their journey together included graduating side by side, founding “stop motion waale,” and working at the same company for a significant period before moving on to separate career paths.

The Proposal and the Journey to Marriage

Six years into their relationship, Nilay proposed to Rashmi in the most heartfelt manner, serenading her with her favorite songs on the ukulele—a skill he learned just for the occasion. This romantic gesture cemented their journey as best friends and partners for life, having grown together through various milestones.

Capturing the Moments: Wedding Photography at Discover Resorts, Karjat

Their wedding celebration at Discover Resorts, Karjat was a vibrant and colorful affair. Every moment was meticulously captured, reflecting the joy and happiness shared by Nilay and Rashmi. The stunning backdrop of Discover Resorts provided the perfect setting for their wedding photography, encapsulating the essence of their special day.

A Celebration of Love and Friendship

This wedding was not just a union of two individuals, but a celebration of a deep friendship that has grown over the years. It truly was a “Best Friends Wedding,” showcasing the love and laughter that define Nilay and Rashmi’s relationship.

Explore the Photo Set

Check out the vibrant and colorful photo set that beautifully captures Nilay and Rashmi’s wedding celebration at Discover Resorts, Karjat. From candid moments to grand festivities, every picture tells the story of their love and joy on this special day.






















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