Wedding at Treat Resort, Gholvad

by | Dec 18, 2023

We covered the wedding of Capes India Co-Founder Dhruv Khandwala and it was a stunning affair.

Dhruv and Urja’s journey from a chance introduction to a beautiful wedding at Treat Resort Gholvad is a heartwarming tale of love. It all began with Shrey, Dhruv’s younger brother, playing the role of a matchmaker by introducing them.

Urja, seeking career guidance, found herself drawn not only to Dhruv but also to the warmth and charm of his family. The professional collaboration began when Urja decided to join their family business, Mermerize Jewellery & Capes India.

As they worked together on various projects, a bond deeper than professional camaraderie blossomed between Dhruv and Urja. However, like any great love story, an air of uncertainty surrounded the true nature of their feelings. 

Finally, against the backdrop of Treat Resort Gholvad, surrounded by the scenic beauty and the love of their closest ones, Dhruv and Urja exchanged vows and embarked on a new chapter as a married couple.

Their wedding was a celebration of love, commitment, and the culmination of a story that had started with a simple introduction—the wedding festivities comprised of mehendi, sangeet, haldi and wedding. The highlight was our bride Urja opting for an off-white lehenga which made her look dreamy and special in every way.

Check out the photo set, which is vibrant and colourful in every way!






Haldi & Mehendi        



Pre Wedding 



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