Christian Wedding in Madh Island

by | May 4, 2019 | Candid Wedding Photography, Photography, Wedding, Wedding Stories, White Weddings | 0 comments

We always enjoy covering a white wedding because of it’s fun nature and chill vibes. This one was held at Andy’s resort in Madh Island. Our couple got ready at their individual homes and turned up at the Church where a ceremonial mass was held for them, followed by the ring exchange and a Reception. 

Reema and Andy met through the matrimonial site, and had mixed feelings about each other initially. They did not know, however, that cupid had already struck them as they continued talking to one another well after their date. This soon progressed into liking one another and ultimately, culminating in the decision of getting married!

There was no proposal, mind you, but their hearts were already set on one another and like they to say, love was in the air! 

Along with the Wedding, we also captured a pre-wedding shoot for the adorable duo. Head on below to have a look!





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