Yash & Shrishti : Wedding at Trident,Udaipur

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Inspired by the timeless romance of “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani,Yash and Shrishti embarked on a journey to recreate the magic of the silver screen. Drawn to the grandeur and splendour depicted in the film’s portrayal of an opulent Indian wedding in Udaipur, they decided to infuse their celebration at Trident Hotel, Udaipur with echoes of that enchanting narrative.

Yash and Shrishti’s paths converged for the first time amidst the bustling excitement of NYU’s orientation. Shrishti’s initial impression of Yash painted him as a figure of quiet contemplation, someone who seemed content within the confines of his social circle, showing little inclination to reach out to others. However, fate had other plans for them.

Their journey toward friendship began with a simple request from Shrishti, seeking Yash’s guidance for a test. Little did she know that this seemingly ordinary interaction would unravel into something much more profound.
Yash’s proposal, meticulously crafted amidst the picturesque landscapes of Napa Valley, stood as a testament to his devotion. Surrounded by their nearest and dearest who had journeyed from all corners of the country.

Their wedding in Udaipur, held on the very dates that held significance to their love story, epitomized the essence of their shared dreams and aspirations. Amidst the regal palaces and resplendent surroundings, Yash and Shrishti exchanged vows, surrounded by the warmth and love of their cherished guests, marking the beginning of a lifetime of togetherness steeped in romance and adventure.













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