Photographers Gallery

Anupam Maurya, Chief Dreamer

Nerdy photographer who loves food, travel and writing. Technology excites him and art fascinates him. When Mr Perfect, is not shooting he can be found running in park, playing tennis or shouting at KnotsbyAMP boutique. 

Soumi Goswami, Creative Head & Lead Photographer

Soumi left behind the life of Corporate Lawyer at Reliance Jio as she found a higher calling with KnotsbyAMP. It will be an understatement to call her just a photographer as she handles marketing and drives all creative effort. Soumi loves to travel and write and connects with people very easily. 




Vihang Achrekar , Lead Photographer
Vihang picked up photography right from his childhood, and thereafter saw his passion becoming his profession. He swears by his Canon, trust him to take unbelievable photographs, which you thought were never ever possible. His affable personality and charm also makes him a hit with everyone.


   Rishabh Khandadia, Photographer & Editor

Rishabh started as a street and travel photographer and joined KnotsbyAMP as an intern. Over past 2 years, Rishabh has grown to be a indispensable part of the team being at the core of all photography & editing activities. An affable and charming personality makes him a favourite with our couples.