Frequently Asked Questions

1: Where are you based? Will you be able to travel to another city?
We are based out of Navi-Mumbai and have branches in Delhi and Hyderabad. However, we love to travel and cover weddings in different parts of the world. We frequently travel to cover weddings in India and abroad and have our footprints all across the globe. For outstation assignments, clients will have to bear the travel, accommodation, and any overheads. 
2: What is our style and how do you cover Weddings?
Our style of photography widely translates to Candid Photography. The word ‘candid’ means frank, outspoken, open, and sincere. Candid photography is the form where you take photographs often them realizing the moment being captured and moments in life look the best when they are not staged. Our style encompasses elements of lifestyle & fashion photograph with a dominant photojournalistic approach. We first started with street photography and because of those roots we love capturing layered stories in thoughtful frames.

We also take some posed fun shots to portray the chemistry and romance between the couple.  Lastly, if you are worried about your reception photos on stage, we cover that too. We take a brief in the beginning and intermittently on what is the expectation and then play around with our creativity. While most other photographers in the country make use of available light while capturing photographs and sparingly use artificial lights, we love using artificial flash lights to get perfect skin tones and great lighting which you only see in fashion photography or movies. 

We also give styling tips to couples on decor and clothing so that everything looks great visually and we can create and deliver stunning photographs. We even advise on how to manage wedding logistics so that couples can avoid common mistakes which people often do, by tapping into our extensive experience of weddings of 9 years. It will not be wrong to say that we have shaped the wedding photography industry since its initial days to what is now widely recognised as Candid photography and an aspiring career for many youngsters.

4: What are your different packages and rates?
We charge depending on the assignment. Please contact us to know the rates. The cost varies based on the days required to shoot and services needed. You will receive a minimum of 400-500 edited images per day and a short film of 5 mins and a highlight video of events of 15-20 mins. From a single day wedding, you should expect only 5 min short film as there isn’t enough content to make a larger film. The number of images may go up if there are many interesting things to cover and if the wedding is really eventful and fun. So clue to you for more photographs is have a fun wedding 🙂
5: Do you make videos for Wedding?
Yes, we do make wedding videos which are beautifully handcrafted to document your story.  To go through our wedding-films head over to Wedding Films section.
5: Do we need traditional video if we are taking cinematic film?
The traditional video is good for capturing the events in detail. It is especially helpful for recording continuous Sangeet performances with proper audio as the DSLR used for making short film lack an input to record sound from the audio mixer. Hence we recommend Traditional Video for Sangeet function. Also if you are keen on having a longer recording of your functions, traditional-video is highly recommended. Traditional videographers are not part of our permanent team. We facilitate the service so that you have the convenience of getting all done from one place. Secondly, the traditional videographer will not come in our way of capturing your precious memories and spoiling your candid photographs and films.  The final video is not edited much and has simple instrumental music in the background and sometimes ambient sound during pooja and rituals other than Sangeet (in sangeet you get professional sound from the mixer provided the DJ or sound engineer gives us the output). We will not be able to entertain specific editing requests of traditional video. 
6: What equipment do you use?

It is the man behind the camera which makes great images, a camera is just a tool. And like all good artists, we use the latest and the best cameras available. Also, since KnotsbyAMP is brand ambassador for Nikon, we primarily use Nikon cameras but we don’t restrict our team to a particular brand. We use cameras by Nikon and Sony predominantly.  Nikon z6 ii, Nikon, Sony A7III, Sony a7s III, Sony FX 3, drones, action cameras etc. along with our collection of prime and fast lenses and Speedlight flashes and strobes. Some of the lenses we use – 35 mm f1.4, 50 mm f1.8, 85 f1.8, 24-35mm f2, 100mm f2.8, 135mm f2, 24-105mm f4, 17-35mm f4, 70-200mm f2.8, 28mm f1.8,  20mm f1.8 etc. Apart from these we use drones for films and aerial photography, Electronic gimbles for video stabilization like Ronin, Zhiyun etc.. Also, we shoot with cranes, underwater equipment if and when needed.

7: How long will you take to deliver the photos or films?
Making a film is a creative and painstaking process and we make our films with a lot of love and effort. With every new film, we try to do something different in terms of background score, visuals, and color treatment. Each film goes through multiple iterations before it sees the light of the day. To get fresh background sometimes it takes almost 2 weeks to just find the right music. Hence films take four to six months. Final processed images will be delivered within 5 weeks depending on our schedule. Once we give you the images you can select which will go in the album. After that, it will take 2 weeks for delivery of your album.
8: Do we have to pay for your travel and accommodation?
Yes you need to make arrangement for our accommodation and travel. For the journey you need to cover charges for economy class flight tickets which helps us arrive quickly for your assignment without draining ourselves in travel and then edit pictures in peace to quickly deliver to you on my way back home. Our style work helps us to work better if we stay with the family. This helps us in getting behind the scenes and candid shots. Its like you will have friends over your place who are amazing photographers and cinematographers. 
9: Do you cover only marriages and couple-shoots?
We don’t limit ourself to marriages and couple-shoots. We have vast experience in all sorts of photography within our team. So if you have a challenging assignment then don’t hesitate to contact us.
9: Do you give hard copy of photographs too?

Yes, there are a wide range of albums which can be chosen. We use Kodak wedding Collections’ and Mazda’s service to print our albums. You can select from a variety of options of wedding albums and photo books. We offer leather bound to hard bound and even soft bound albums. You can choose between 12×12″, 12×15″,12×18″ and 15×15″ (Mega Luxury Album) album. We prefer Art Paper . All prints are matte finish as it is the best format to print the images.  Our workstations are also calibrated to the Kodak and Mazda printers for accurate colour reproduction so that what you see on the screen is what you will get in print. The album is not the typical off the market stuff but a beautiful creation to accentuate the pictures and showcase your precious memory in an unforgettable and splendid design which you would love to go through again and again. 

You can also order large life-sized RGB prints from us. Drop into our office to see them before you make your mind. 

10: Do you offer discounts on your packages.

Yes, we all love discounts and special packages. We offer the following discounts.

1: You get a 5% discount on the whole payment if done one year in advance.
2: Also, we are pleased to offer a referral incentive whereby, each confirmed referral gets you a bonus of Rs 10,000.
3: 10% discount to Armed Forces personnel, Indian Bureaucrats and BITSians. 
4: 10% discount to Teachers and Educators.

P.S: Two discounts can’t be clubbed together 🙂



15: What happens if the photographs you stored on the hard disk get deleted by some accident?

Don’t worry about such a condition as we carry a laptop on each assignment we go and back-up all data on SSDs which are very robust. After reaching the office, the data is backed up on two separate hard-disk to minimize any failures. It is very rare that such an incident may occur and if it does then the probability is further less of it happening on two storage devices at the same time. By some rare coincidence, it does happen then we won’t charge half the remaining amount and if already paid, we will refund half the amount. That is the best we can do.

11: How many photographers and cinematographers come to the wedding for assignment?
We recommend a team of two candid photographers and one or two lighting assistants for most of the weddings that we have done. Depending on your requirements and budget this number may go up. If we are doing your Wedding film then expect 2-3 people more.
12: Are there any terms and conditions from your side?
Following are the terms and conditions:

a) KnotsbyAMP will retain all Intellectual Property rights of the photographs. By hiring us for your wedding photography you only get fair usage rights which includes making unlimited copies ( prints and digital ) of image, right to share images with who-so-ever you may deem fit . Under no circumstances can the client sell the photograph.  The client cannot use the photographs for any photography competitions. He is free to make any number of prints and copies for his personal use and share for viewing with whomever he may deem fit.

b) Half the total agreed amount has to be paid in the beginning to confirm the booking and the remaining half on the first day of the assignment by bank transfer. The work on editing your photographs or videos will not start unless the client pays the remaining amount.

c) Once we enter into the agreement the client cannot break the contract without paying for damages and loss of business and revenue to KnotsbyAMP. If the clients wish to opt-out of the agreement then KnotsbyAMP will charge the retainer amount(which is 50% of total contract value) to compensate for the loss of business as we explicitly block the dates and our resources for you upon signing the agreement.

d) KnotsbyAMP is a team of creative photographers and cinematographers. In case if a particular member falls ill, we will ensure that someone from our team replaces the photographer/cinematographer to fulfill the photography for the client.

e) No particular image is guaranteed. We try our best to capture all precious moments, to include friends and family, photographs of your parents, some family group shots. However, despite our best efforts some images because of time crunch, and various reasons we may not get an opportunity to capture a particular photo.

f) If you don’t want your photos or videos to be shared on social media and other publications at a later date after the wedding, you will have to pay 200% of the total price to compensate for the loss of revenue due to not being able to market our work for new business.