Who are We

We are India’s leading wedding photography and cinematography service provider. KnotsbyAMP is a collective of passionate creatives who capture and document beautiful stories of weddings through breathtaking photographs and films. We are based out of Navi Mumbai and on the wish-list of couples all across the globe.

Our Story

It all started when Anupam Maurya, a BITS Pilani alumnus, decided to quit his job as Circuit Design Engineer at AMD to pursue his passion of photography full time. AMP (Anupam Maurya Photography) was born in December, 2013. Since then AMP grew multiple folds, with Soumi joining as Co-Founder. Fast Forward to 2016, KnotsbyAMP was officially born.

KnotsbyAMP is today one of the top choices of couple’s in India, with one of the highest reviews on Google and WedmeGood for any photography company in India. Led by Anupam & Soumi, KnotsbyAMP has covered a rich kaleidoscope of Indian Weddings from private weddings to luxurious destination weddings. But their professionalism, communication and bespoke style of working and ability to blend elements of fashion, fine art, documentary into their frames is what sets them apart.

The key to great photographs, KnotsbyAMP believes, lies in connecting with the subjects and providing them that comfort that which helps bring out their personalities and therefore stories in the photographs.

Why Hire Us?

Our Style of Photography

We have a strong documentary approach to wedding photography with a strong emphasis on lighting and capturing fine details. The photographs speak for themselves and reflect the passion and love with which we make them.

The Whole Story

Our wedding photography is not about a few award-winning photos, but about the whole photo-story. Head over to our wedding-stories section to see them in full glory.

We Capture Everything

We don’t just capture portraits of bride and groom but images through which anyone can revisit the entire process of the wedding. Once you hire us, you don’t have to hire anyone else to take care of any aspect of your wedding photography.

We Shoot both sides

Our team takes care of photography for both bride and groom sides so that we get the whole story and to the couples, we are the one-stop solution for all their photography needs.

Professional & Transparency

If you have any query or concern with any aspect at any stage you can always reach out to us anytime. Our team takes care of all your queries and concerns and we deliver what we promise under strict delivery timelines. 

Our amazing testimonials:

If you don’t believe us, just go through the amazing reviews that our customers have written about us. It is our constant endeavor to serve our clients the best way we can.

Anupam Maurya

Anupam Maurya

Chief Dreamer & Founder

Anupam fell in love with photography at a relatively young age of 16 and got his first camera- Canon 450D. An Electronics engineer from BITS Pilani, he gave up his lucrative circuit designer job at AMD to start AMP in December 2013. 
Anupam’s keen interest in travel photography and street photography has left a strong imprint in his work even today, and no one tells a story through photographs better than him. With an experience of more than 200+ weddings, two international awards and  one national award for video-editing he is one of the finest wedding photographers in India; ranked as Top 20 Wedding photographers in India by Canvera, he has pioneered the use of artificial lights in weddings and he blends different genres of photography viz. Fashion, lifestyle and documentary story telling with great finesse. 

Soumi Goswami

Soumi Goswami

Co-Founder, Creative Head & Lead Photographer

An ILS Pune alumnus and an ex-Corporate Lawyer with Reliance Jio, she lets her creative wings take flight with her photographs and all the stories on KnotsbyAMP social media. While her interests sway with time she puts incredible passion and creativity in everything she does. Her spontaneity, eye for detail and humor make for breath-taking images. She is also the strongest critic at AMP and inspires creativity and change. 
Soumi is also hands-down the sweetest person in KnotsbyAMP and at the same time, she can be very goofy sometimes at her own expense! Soumi and Anupam being the husband and wife duo, live, breathe and discuss photography and weddings 24×7. Being the best multi-tasker she juggles different roles and is the agent of most creative efforts at KnotsbyAMP

Sachin Bhovane

Sachin Bhovane

Lead Photographer

Sachin studied from JJ School of Arts. He picked up photography from his childhood, little did he know his passion will become his profession. He has an experience of covering multiple weddings since the last four years, and currently leads photography efforts at KnotsbyAMP.
His affable personality & charm makes him a hit with everyone. Sachin is known to capture the extraordinary moments in ordinary situations. He is also quite a fitness freak, and can be found in the gym building those muscles, when not shooting.

Leon Borges

Leon Borges

Production Manager

Meet the ever smiling man running the show behind the scenes. His stint with photography started when he first bought his Sony mirrorless camera and he graduated from Rachna Institue of Architecture, Mumbai. Food is perhaps the biggest reason why he loves wedding photography. During the past year, Leon has been instrumental in all photo shoots with KnotsbyAMP. Leon loves experimenting with new techniques in photography be it his experiments with prisms or light shaping tools.

Sneha Ghogare

Sneha Ghogare

Chief Video-Editor

Sneha is our Chief Editor who has over five years experience in Video Editing. Sneha is also an alumni of MAAC Academy. She is also our expert in same day edits and has edited some of KnotsbyAMP’s best & finest films – Harmokh Bartal & A Saga in Dhaka. Apart from her love for films, Sneha loves to travel and party. Sneha is also very lively and bubbly, and loves talking. Trust Sneha to make heart-warming wedding films for you, the one that you have always dreamt of, and she will never disappoint.

Vishal Kawa

Vishal Kawa

Cinematographer, Photographer & Editor

With a diploma in cinematography & film making from Zee Institute of Media Arts. Vishal specializes in making short films and photography. A fitness and travel freak Vishal loves trekking and can be found in gym when he is not making films and his hands are of his camera. Vishal’s vision is unparalleled when it comes to stitching together frames to present the version of your wedding story. He is a genius when it comes to song selection and syncing it to the mood of the wedding. Trust him to make the wedding film you always dreamt of. 
Behind his buffed up exteriors is an extremely sweet and charming gujju boy who’ll never shy away from going an extra mile to make you feel comfortable on your special day.

Shubham Wankhede

Shubham Wankhede

Lead Cinematographer

Shubham an engineering dropout set out to experiment with music, photography and cinematography. While his interest varies from one form of art to another, the passion and energy he infuses in each one of them results him in excelling in each one of them. Shubham brings a lot of experience to AMP having worked with many leading production houses and leading photography firms in India . With an experience of 50+ wedding films he comes up with creative ways to capture the love in wedding films.

Pooja Dhole

Pooja Dhole

Video Editor & Cinematographer

Pooja’s love for films started in childhood when she spent countless hours watching movies.  Pooja can be found randomly hugging a dog on the street, doing a stand-up act or in a first-day first show in a movie-theatre when she is not in KnotsbyAMP office. After completing her degree in Computer Science and Engineering, she pursued documentary filmmaking from Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, Bangalore.  When asked why wedding filmmaking, she insists on taking out real stories from real people. When Food and Chai is not around, she might be boring people with her deathly jokes. 

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