We enlisted the help and services of KnotsbyAMP for the wedding of my brother in-law Jatin and his (now) wife Levina which happened this January at the Renaissance, Mumbai. Before, I move on to the specifics of our review, I would like to summarise by saying that with KnotsbyAMP what one can expect is amazing, elegant, detailed, high on technique, creative and artsy photography; the most vibrant and fun-filled videography and the opportunity to work with a highly dedicated, passionate, professional and trustworthy group of good human beings. I’ll rate them as follows under the following categories out of a maximum rating of 5:

Candid Photography : 5 / 5
Portrait Photography : 5 / 5
Location Photography : 5 / 5
Wedding Videography : 5 / 5
Video Editing and Composition : 5 / 5
Ease of doing business : 5 / 5
Professionalism on deliverables : 5 / 5

Quality of work delivered: The pictures shared with us are beautifully captured and they brilliantly document the happiness and joy being experienced by the couple on their special day. It is actually like a photo-story. We love the clean elegant frames, the clever angles, the interplay between lights and shadows, the switches between blur and sharpness, and the amazing colour balance and tone of the photographs — all of which is really owing to their masterful application of technique and talent. It is as well very refreshing to see some interesting, intelligent and visually engaging concepts in the work shared with us.

On a more personal note, what makes their work standout is their understanding of the people they are shooting. What impressed me the most is how balanced their work is. It is incredibly difficult to shoot weddings where so many things are happening parallelly. To capture all the fun, the drama, the emotions, one has to be well synced with their team, one needs to have a high level of awareness and be a master of timing, as the real difference between a good photograph and great one is timing, angle and the right frame. With the KnotsbyAMP team led by Anupam Maurya, you will get all of this and much more. More specific to our wedding, team KnotsbyAMP have masterfully framed all the beauty of the bride and groom and all of our family and friends so perfectly retaining all the essence of reality and making it possible for us relive and cherish all the precious moments from our family event — as many times as we want now.

Overall, we couldn’t be any more happier and content with the photos and the teaser video and our family is waiting with eager anticipation for the wedding film. On a concluding note, I must mention that along the way while we prepared for the wedding, we have had the good fortune of meeting some amazing people who have made sure that everything associated with the wedding happened perfectly. KnotsbyAMP are a huge irreplaceable part of that, I would once again like to thank the entire team from the bottom of our hearts for their positive presence, professionalism and for the incredible talent that they brought on board for our event.

Amritanshu Gupta

Research Scholar,IIT Bombay, Jatin Sharma's Brother-in-law

From the time we saw the work done by KnotsbyAMP on their Instagram page, we knew these guys were great. Now we couldn’t be any happier for choosing them to capture such an important day in our lives.

Each time we go through the pictures, our hearts are filled with so much joy and unknowingly we cherish all the beautiful moments from our wedding day.

There are good photos and then there those photos that make you relive each and every moment from that special day. The pictures clicked by knotsbyAMP fall in the latter category. All thanks to them that we get to relive our wedding day, time and again through all those beautiful moments they have captured.

We majorly interacted with Soumi and Anupam from the team and by the end of our wedding I can say we ended up being friends with them. Both of them are such great individuals and absolutely passionate about their work. The best part about them is that they make you just so comfortable in front of the camera.
They kept having casual conversations with us when required so that we both could be ourselves and ease into a day, which beautifully resonates in all our pictures from the wedding. I cannot thank them enough for sharing their personal experiences with us regarding some of the wedding planning. Their ideas and suggestions really made us think differently and plan better for our big day.

Anupam is an extremely talented professional who is passionate about his work. He’d make sure he gets the perfect angles and capture the right moments, which is what makes him such a great photographer. We received a few edited pictures from our wedding the very next day all thanks to this guy, which shows his dedication and passion towards his work. Soumi on the other hand was supportive through the entire process making sure everything works seamlessly from the day we had them onboard. Big thank you to her for choosing to photograph our event even though it was her birthday, truly reflects how professional she is!

Big thank you to the entire team of KnotsbyAMP for leaving behind great memories for us in the form of these beautiful photographs. Trust me and just get them onboard to capture your special day, you will be assured of memories that will last you a lifetime!

– Ankur & Akshata

Ankur Sawant & Akshata Pai

The KnotsbyAmp team are a thorough set of professionals, extremely well organized right from when we first approached them to the day they presented all the deliverables post our wedding as per the committed timelines. Supremely creative in the craft of wedding photography, they don’t just capture photographs but weave them with the emotions and mood of the wedding/event. Having had a superb experience, I highly recommend Knotsbyamp’s great quality of work for your special day!

– Rajat & Sonal

Rajat Menon & Sonal Chhabra

Senior Vendor Manager at Amazon & Senior Digital Analytics Consultant at Michael Page

Getting Anupam and his team onboard was one of the fastest and the best decisions we’ve made. We had fallen in love with their work, but couldn’t have imagined just how much magic they’d bring to make this as memorable for us as they did. We are super thankful to KnotsbyAMP for capturing all the love, warmth and happiness of the wedding so that we always have the best memories to look back to.

The team is super easy to work with, really warm and friendly. They know what they are doing, and a have a really gentle way to bring it out in pictures. Their passion for the work shows through, and they go above and beyond to make it enjoyable for you and your family. We are super happy with how it all panned out, and if you are getting a chance to work with them, jump and take it!


Abhilash Kasamneni & Richa Pancholy

MBA Candidate at Tuck School of Business & Recruiter at Linkedin

Being a part of a creative industry ourselves we wanted someone who has a simple yet artistic approach to capture our wedding. We met Anupam over a cup of coffee and there itself realised we would want him to be the one for our special day.. Anupam and team are a group of friendly, passionate photographers with great skills.. our wedding has been captured beautifully by Anupam and team… If you want the most special day of your life to be captured into something candid and beautiful Anupam Maurya and team is the one for you!
Ravish Desai and Mugdha Chaphekar

Ravish Desai and Mugdha Chaphekar

Actors, Bollywood

KnotsbyAMP was the team that did the photography for my wedding and I have to admit that having them as my photography partners was the best decision ever! One doesn’t need to be very doubtful if you have KnotsbyAMP taking care of the photography of your big day as you can see through their work that they are a bunch of passionate, dedicated and highly professional souls that can go to any lengths to have your precious moments captured in the best way ever.. !! Looking back, I appreciate immensely how Anupam and his team were extremely punctual, how they left no stone unturned to ensure that pics were taken in almost all the prime locations of my venue, they were full of innovative ideas and knew the best way to use light, location and space to the fullest advantage. I am extremely happy with their work and would like you to not think twice if you still haven’t got a photography partner for your big day! Special thanks to Anupam for all his hard work and for specially getting his best team for my wedding!!! I appreciate every effort made by KnotsbyAMP and both my husband and I are truly grateful!!

Anupams work is an art, an arrangement of elements that reflect the core idea and goal of his work! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Natasha Rolsten and Florin Ciobra

Chef in London

We were looking for someone who could professionally handle everything end to end. We wanted a team who were:
• Professional
• Communicate Well
• Friendly

We did a hell lot of a research and narrowed down to AMP. At first Anupam sounded very professional but later we also found him friendly too and seriously dedicated towards his work . I was in Bangalore but Anupam and team were regularly touch basing with my sister in Mumbai to discuss on all the end top end processes. My sister Sakshi was very happy with the kind of communication AMP did. They were always available and made quick responses through email and phone. That way we made sure that everything was managed well in advance over emails.

During the marriage AMP handled well everything on its own – right from coming on time , managing trips to marriage location , hotel location , etc. . We did not have to spend time on “managing” or “guiding” them. Moreover at the marriage day these guys were so serious that a couple of them actually missed the lunch/ dinner so that they don’t miss on any clicks. Everything they did , they did with positive energy, zeal and enthusiasm. Not once I felt that this team is doing just for the sake of doing it. Our family were highly impressed with AMP’s friendly attitude.

Anupam particularly was extremely friendly. He went to the extent of suggesting what kind of makeup to do for better clicks. On requesting he also did photography session of my sister and jiju 🙂
We were happy for the following things and would recommend AMP to others for the following reasons. Obviously these are not exhaustive
• Very serious and committed
• Always available
• Can easily manage themselves
• Absolutely wonderful photography skills.
• Zealous and enthusiastic

Thanks AMP for capturing the wonderful memories. You simply rock. Congrats on your new boutique in Mumbai. Maintain the energy and zeal and please give us heavy discount in our next function 😛 .

– Aalekh and Shraddha 🙂

Alekh Pingley and Shraddha Joshi

Software Engineer & Fashion Designer

The team from KnotsbyAMP is amazing. I stay in the US and was trying to find photographers for my wedding in Goa, India. We searched a lot and talked to many photographers across India. There were 2 types of photographers I met in this process. They were either expensive or their work was mediocre. KnotsbyAMP was the only team that I found that had a perfect balance of amazing photography and price.
I want to thank the team from the bottom of my heart for capturing some amazing memories from one of the most memorable days in my life. For anyone reading this review and are trying to decide their wedding photographers, I will suggest you to compare KnotsbyAMP photography side by side with some of the so called big shot photographers in India. I would strongly recommend KnotsbyAMP services to everyone.

Sai Prashant

President , Great Lakes Neuroscience

I approached KnotsbyAMP initially because Anupam was my batchmate in college and I really liked his pics on the social media websites. We have such amazing pictures of our wedding, and our pre-wedding photoshoot. The photographers, Anupam and Prasad were as excited and energized to shoot our pre-wedding as us. We had a really fun time during the pre-wedding shoot even though we had to wake up at 6am. Even our wedding pics are so great; a lot of my friends here are jealous of our pictures 😀 Both Anupam and Prasad are really talented plus friendly. They helped us with creative pictures wherever possible, and the candid pics are really great too.

Neha Bharti


AMP team had covered our wedding in Nagpur in the month of April. Must say the photographs came really wonderful.
Photographs are the ones which creates your wedding memories and can be cherished for life long.
Before our wedding, my husband and me really liked their work and so we decided to go with them.
They covered both bride & groom side and not only us, but all our family members & relatives loved the wedding pictures.
The pre wedding shoot with the bridesmaids came out to be surprisingly very beautiful and personally became one of my favourites.
Speaking about their creative side Prasad and Sunny made full use of the surroundings not even spared the ambassador car and the photos came out to be outstanding, beautifully captured with proper lights and all.
They are well equipped and can capture the photos in all kinds of lights and surroundings. They are well experienced and are updated in their domain.
Thanks and kudos to the AMP team for making my wedding memories special!

Surabhi Shefali

We just want to thank you for all the work, time and sincerity you have put into our wedding photographs. The moments are so magically captured that we can’t begin to tell you about all the compliments we have received for the photographs. Your genuine enthusiasm and patience is what set you apart from the rest. Our friends and family were highly impressed with your friendly attitude. We were so happy with our proofs – we can’t wait to see the masterpiece you’ll create when we pick up our album! ( There are so many to choose from that I am happily confused) We will recommend you highly to anyone we can!
Thanks once again. Keep Rocking!
P.S: Special mention for not giving up on the hyperactive-demanding Bride tongue emoticon
-Divya & Raman

Divya & Raman

Anupam did the pre-wedding photo-shoot and covered my wedding. A gem of a person to be with. He understands the situation and gets the best moments captured. A really smart guy with a smart team.
He is not just professional but also extremely friendly in his attitude.
Thanks a lot buddy for giving me and Ishna this wonderful gift. We wish you good luck in your future endeavors and hope you reach new heights of success.
Good luck to you and your team.

Aman Srivastava

Aman Srivasatava

Engineer, Oil and Gas Industry, U.S.

Thank you so much for making our wedding memories so very special by giving us such a wonderful collection of photos to keep forever. We are so glad that we have such gorgeous pictures to remember the most important day of our lives. You are truly talented and wonderful at what you do and it has been a pleasure meeting you & working with you. I wish all the good luck to you and to your team.

Garima and Ankit

Garima & Ankit Varshney

I may be biased, but I would argue that Anupam Maurya is the best wedding photographer out there! My husband and I worked with Anupam Maurya for our engagement pictures, On our occasion, Anupam Maurya and his assistants went above and beyond our expectations. He is extremely talented and has an eye for seeing things that will make absolutely fantastic pictures. Anupam Maurya also has a wonderful personality and is able to make you feel completely calm and at ease. Our engagement pictures are absolutely phenomenal, we are so glad that we have such gorgeous pictures to remember the most important day of our lives. There is truly no price tag for the pictures that we have from Anupam Maurya he has been an absolute pleasure to work with. He is incredibly professional, timely, attentive, and accommodating. He understands how important a role he is playing and he takes it very seriously. It is also clear though that he truly loves what he does. There is no one that I would have rather had capturing our Engagement day! I would absolutely without hesitation recommend Anupam Maurya to any couple!!

Hema & Rohit Naicker

Selecting the photographer was a huge task for us, but then when we eventually landed up checking AMP’s work on fb, that was the moment we made sure its was AMP who was covering my Engagement. The photographs were so awesome and lively I can cherish those moments forever. Prasad and Sunny both made sure every bit of the functions were covered properly. And the best thing was they never asked us to pose for a single shoots, and still managed to get the perfect moments. They were so friendly that they easily got along with us and our family which even made us easy to work with. Me & my fiance were glad that we chose AMP to cover our engagement, and we are so excited that we have already booked them for our Wedding too.. Thanks once again.. I would highly recommend them…

Garima & Dinesh

Anupam + AMP Team
You guys did an absolutely fantastic job at our wedding. Pictures have turned out really really well…just as we expected!.
Apart from our wedding day being special….it was also quite a busy and hectic one. I want to specially thank you for not giving up on us amidst all the craziness and chaos, being so patient and finding time for mini shoots to capture just the right moments and people.
Good job with time management and methodical setup. Kudos to your team for same.
Thank you for capturing our wedding day and telling the story of ‘us’ through your amazing talent.
All the best!
Nidhi & Ameya

Nidhi & Ameya

Anupam, we cannot thank you enough for being a special part of our wedding. Having you as our photographer was truly a delight. From dirtying your shirt in the mud to soaking your shoes in the lake water 😛 …just in order to seize ‘our’ special moments… Anupam, all your efforts payed off really well. You made us and our wedding look extremely gorgeous. Lucky to have found someone as passionate and talented as you are. Thank you for making every moment so memorable!!! 🙂 – Isha & Rachit

Isha & Rachit

Microelectronic researcher, Belgium

Anupam Maurya and his team captured our wedding across two different locations and cultures. Both the pictures and the wedding films came out extremely well in terms of the quality, of course, but more importantly in terms of the amazing moments they captured so beautifully!

Hafsa & Ain Ahmad

Anupam and his team captured our precious wedding moments so beautifully! It was indeed a pleasure to have our special day covered by you guys. Each and every picture captured has something to say and I really don’t have words to express how magnificent the photos look.Thank you again and keep up the good work and keep making more brides like me look their best on their special day! ?

Jyotika & Ravi

Dentist & Air Force

Anupam and his team are excellent photographers especially with candid shots. Anupam is very professional, accommodating and creative. He caters to your requirements with an eye to capture the best moments.

Mohit Chhatrapati

Investment Banker, Master Card, New York

After doing a lot of research on the candid photographers based in Mumbai, we shortlisted AMP. Not only their portfolio was interesting but they were extremely cooperative and patient. As our wedding venue was unknown to them, they made it a point to come and check it out before the wedding date and also gave suggestions on layout of the wedding hall. I would definitely recommend this amazing team of AMP to anyone who is looking for a young, dynamic team of talented photographers.

Kanan Dubal

Lawyer, Switzerland

I met Anupam at a Camera shop in Fort, Mumbai. I am a passionate photographer myself, so despite our age difference we bonded over our love for photography. The timing of our meeting was perfect as my son Karan was also preparing to get married around the same time. After having seen Anupam’s work and his love for photography, I thought of picking him to do Karan’s wedding photography. However, as I was still apprehensive of his young age, I also asked a family friend, a veteran and reputed photographer who is well known in the Christian community, to be part of the team. On the day of the wedding, I observed that he really did take some wonderful candid pictures and captured some fantastic moments of the wedding without any interrruptions or retakes. When we finally got to see the photographs we were really excited with the wonderful moments that he captured, which looked like the work of some magazine photographer. He had done the job with a lot of professionalism and brought reality and natural moments alive. I am glad that I hired him and felt there was absolutely no need to doubt his age. He is very respectful and I strongly recommend his work. Glad that I met Anupam in the camera shop. His photography has something natural and unique that conveys to us through expressions of people. Joy Thomas

Joy Thomas

ex-TV News Editor, Bahrain National Television

My experience was really great. He takes the pictures with passion which can be seen in all his work. Already recommended him to my friends and family! Keep up the great work!

Anviksha & Akash

Software Game designers, Germany

We shortlisted Anupam after meeting 5-6 different photographers and entrusted him with covering our wedding.

Anupam did a fantastic job when we looked at the end result and we could not have asked for a better photographer. The quality of the photos as well as the album were top notch. Anupam surely knows his work.

Though there was a small miscommunication in terms of covering the reception in a video, both my wife and I were so happy with the album and pics that we were not really bothered about it. The only sore point that probably still pinches us is that neither we nor Anupam’s team realized that there wasnt a single family photograph that was clicked. To be fair, the onus lies equally on both – us and the photographer since the bride and groom can be overwhelmed with the activity around them on their special day. This is the only reason why we are giving 4 stars.

Apart from this, I would strongly recommend Anupam to beautifully capture the special moments.

Ajay Reddy and Rucha

Manager, HDFC Bank

I contacted Anupam Maurya for getting my wedding photographs clicked and was pleasantly surprised how well they communicated. I knew I had made an excellent choice. Generally, photographers will ask you to pose too much and that takes away all the authenticity and fun from the photos. However, Omkar, our photographer was extremely patient and skilled and we never knew when he clicked all these amazing photographs. What I contacted AM for was photographs, and what I got in return were priceless memories. Highly recommended.

Nidhi Shankar

Had attended a close friend’s wedding where AMP was the photographer. So i was co-ordinating with the photography team. Loved the entire process of Omkar (part of AMP) meeting and interacting with the families and friends a day in advance to make everyone (and perhaps, himself) comfortable with the photoshoot on the days of the wedding functions. Great photos, superb editing! Kudos!

Hardik Shah