Intimate Engagement at Kino’s Cottage

by | Jan 20, 2020

Even after back to back shoots, this day last year in December felt really good. A cute little setup at Kino’s Cottage with flowers, a small backdrop by the sea, a quick ring exchange followed by champagne and toast!

Anwesha & Raghav got engaged in an intimate ceremony at Kino’s Cottage. They are my juniors from ILS Law College, Pune. Naturally, I was quite excited about this shoot. Also probably because it was an intimate event with around 50 people in attendance, who were just there to celebrate the joys and love of the couple with all their hearts.

This is how this day went and ended with a beer and Khao Suey by the beach 🙂

Shot by Soumi Goswami & Vishal Kawa
Decor by Karan Decorators


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