Couple shoot at Zostel Plus Lonavala

by | Oct 16, 2023 | Candid Wedding Photography, Pre Wedding, Wedding Stories | 0 comments

Tarun and Kamakshi were eager to capture the natural beauty of Pawna Lake in their photos, and selecting Zostel Lonavala Plus for their shoot was an obvious choice. This renowned property not only offered a wide array of captivating indoor and outdoor settings but also provided them with a picturesque canvas.

Nestled near the serene Pawna Lake, Zostel Lonavala Plus was the perfect backdrop for their shoot with its charming interiors, adorned with rustic decor and cosy corners, As the golden sun bathed the property in warm, soft light, the outdoor options were equally enchanting. From the lush gardens and towering trees to the lakeside view, We had an abundance of scenic choices.

Zostel Lonavala Plus, with its rustic charm and idyllic surroundings, became the quintessential setting for us to capture these beautiful shots.







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