Pre-Wedding at Taj, Nashik

by | Apr 19, 2019

Pankaj and Priyanshi wanted their pre-wedding to be done at their favourite weekend getaway destination – The Gateway Hotel Ambad Nashik. Part of the famous Taj Group of Hotels, the property is all a photographer could ask for, from expansive green lawns to beautifully constructed halls and galleries. These two wanted the shoot to be fun, intimate and cozy. We started from their rooms and asked them to wear something comfortable and feel at home. The beautiful French windows with their white drapes let in some beautiful soft light through them and we chose to make the most of it. When Pankaj decided to play his ‘chill mix’ of songs, the vibe and the mood of the shoot was set and what followed was nothing short of a snuggle-o-thon.

Their chemistry shone through the pictures – and directing them felt effortless. We never knew so much could be done using nothing but a French window, a bed and a happy couple. Soon after this we headed out to make the most of the golden hour and click some fun and goofy pictures of the two love-birds. The hotel’s arched windows, beautiful galleries and lush gardens formed the perfect backdrop for what we wanted. The session concluded with jokes and laughter, we had fun after all and so did they and I suppose this is what pre-wedding shoots are made for, more than anything else – to get acquainted with the photographer, to trade stories and have fun along the way. 

Its true that many photographers these days are shying away from doing pre-wedding photography, the once booming market for pre-weddings has surely come to a standstill. Most of them don’t find it worth their time as pre-weddings often pay less for the amount of effort and creative energies that go into it. With the apparent dearth of good photographers left in this space, the pictures often lack innovation. While many couples see it as a means of making their pinterest boards come to life, there’s little or no motivation for the photographer to try something new and challenging. However, Pankaj and Priyanshi came to us with some fresh and exciting ideas for their pre-wedding photoshoot that we couldn’t resist and ended up with some amazing pictures and a whole lot of fun. So, the next time you meet your wedding photographer, share your story before you start showing them your pinterest board!







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