Christian wedding at Sea Princess Juhu

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KnotsbyAMP was the team that did the photography for my wedding and I have to admit that having them as my photography partners was the best decision ever! One doesn’t need to be very doubtful if you have KnotsbyAMP taking care of the photography of your big day as you can see through their work that they are a bunch of passionate, dedicated and highly professional souls that can go to any lengths to have your precious moments captured in the best way ever.. !! Looking back, I appreciate immensely how Anupam and his team were extremely punctual, how they left no stone unturned to ensure that pics were taken in almost all the prime locations of my venue, they were full of innovative ideas and knew the best way to use light, location and space to the fullest advantage. I am extremely happy with their work and would like you to not think twice if you still haven’t got a photography partner for your big day! Special thanks to Anupam for all his hard work and for specially getting his best team for my wedding!!! I appreciate every effort made by KnotsbyAMP and both my husband and I are truly grateful!!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
– Natasha

Natasha got in touch with us through Dhvani. Dhvani is a very dear friend of ours, and the day she spoke to us about this wedding, we knew this is going to be something special. And indeed it was!

Natasha met Florin, a Romanian in Israel and it was love at first sight for them. Thereafter a period of courtship, they decided to take the plunge in a beautiful ceremony at the Sea Princess, Mumbai. And we bet this is one of the most amazing weddings that Sea Princess, Mumbai has ever hosted! It was a gorgeous white wedding in the morning by the beach, followed by a very fun reception party in the evening. Their wedding is a conclusive proof that love shatters all boundaries and goes beyond all borders. And gives only happiness!

It was incredible to witness all their joys and the happy emotions on their big day. A big thank you to Natasha & Florin, for trusting us and letting us document your precious day and also for your beautiful words. You guys are awesome! Also thanks to amazing bridesmaids & groomsmen! Now head down for their beautiful wedding photo story!







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