Sindhi Wedding At Taj Nashik

Sindhi Wedding At Taj Nashik

Sindhi Wedding At Taj Nashik

Experience the enchanting wedding journey of Tarun and Kamakshi at the beautiful Taj Nashik. This celebration, rich with traditional Sindhi wedding rituals, showcased the couple’s love and the vibrant essence of a Sindhi wedding.

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot at Zostel Lonavala

Their wedding celebrations kicked off with a serene pre-wedding photoshoot by the lakeside at Zostel Lonavala. Surrounded by lush greenery and tranquil waters, their undeniable chemistry was beautifully captured. This photoshoot was a perfect prelude to their upcoming festivities, setting a romantic tone amidst nature’s embrace.

Lively Wedding Pool Party

The festivities began with a lively wedding pool party, a perfect blend of fun and excitement. Family and friends gathered to celebrate under the sun, playing games, dancing to energetic Bollywood tunes, and creating joyful memories. The poolside echoed with laughter, setting the tone for the vibrant celebrations to follow.

Sangeet Evening: Dance, Music, and Emotions

As dusk fell, the Sangeet evening began, and the couple made a grand entrance. Their first dance dazzled everyone, and the air was filled with joy as they cut the cake, surrounded by loved ones. In a heartwarming moment, Tarun went down on one knee and proposed to Kamakshi, leading to a touching ring exchange ceremony. The surprises continued with Kamakshi’s dance performance, which left Tarun and the guests in awe. Tarun’s family welcomed Kamakshi warmly, unfurling a large poster that read, “Welcome to the family, Kamakshi.”

The Grand Wedding Day

The most awaited day arrived with Kamakshi looking stunning in a golden lehenga, while Tarun looked regal in his beige sherwani and white safa. The wedding began with Tarun’s baraat, filled with high spirits and joy. Kamakshi entered under a floral canopy, escorted by her brother. As she approached Tarun for the varmala, their eyes met, brimming with love and emotion. Tarun, overwhelmed, shed tears of joy seeing Kamakshi in her wedding attire. They embraced, sharing a heartfelt moment of mutual love and connection.

Tarun and Kamakshi’s Sindhi wedding at Taj Nashik was a beautiful celebration of love, family, and togetherness. It marked the beginning of their happily ever after, perfectly captured through our wedding photography.

Explore their stunning wedding photo-story below and relive the beautiful moments from their special day.

Wedding at Sea Princess, Juhu

Wedding at Sea Princess, Juhu

Wedding at Sea Princess, Juhu

The Beginning of a Beautiful Journey

Melissa and Shivendra’s love story began in the vibrant city of Singapore, where a mutual friend suggested that Shivendra should reach out to Melissa. What was initially meant to be a casual dinner invitation turned into an enchanting evening filled with captivating chemistry. Hours flew by as they enjoyed each other’s company over three bottles of wine.

The Proposal

Their connection deepened over time, leading to a magical proposal during their second anniversary trip to Japan. This romantic gesture set the stage for their future together, filled with anticipation and excitement.

The Wedding Day

After a year of planning and excitement, Melissa and Shivendra’s dream wedding took place at the stunning Sea Princess, Juhu. The breathtaking panorama of the sea and towering coconut trees provided the perfect backdrop for their celebration.

Hindu Wedding Ceremony

Melissa looked stunning in a champagne gold lehenga, while Shivendra’s unique pistachio green attire perfectly complemented her. Their choice of colors created a striking and unconventional combination, setting their outfits apart from the traditional wedding attire typically seen at Hindu wedding ceremonies.

The intimate Hindu wedding ceremony was a beautiful display of their love and commitment. Surrounded by close family and friends, they exchanged vows and embraced the rich traditions of a Hindu wedding ceremony.

The Wedding Reception

Following the ceremony, they hosted a reception styled like a classic white wedding. This elegant affair featured all the elements of a traditional wedding reception, including a touching first dance and a heartfelt final dance shared between Melissa and her father.

Destination Wedding Vibes

Their choice of Sea Princess, Juhu, added a destination wedding vibe to their special day. The picturesque location, combined with the couple’s unique style, made their wedding an unforgettable event.

North Indian wedding at Vivanta Dwarka, New Delhi

North Indian wedding at Vivanta Dwarka, New Delhi

North Indian wedding at Vivanta Dwarka, New Delhi

Weddings are a special occasion, and every couple deserves the perfect celebration to mark the start of their journey together. This was the case for Naina and Apaar, whose wedding events were nothing short of spectacular. Their wedding took place at the stunning Vivanta Dwarka, New Delhi. Sprawling over 7 acres, the venue is an ideal location for celebrations. As their photographer, we were thrilled to be a part of their special day, capturing all the details that made their wedding unique.

But first, check out their amazing film!

The nuptial ceremonies in Delhi are infused with a distinctive charm, owing to their grand nature, where the festivities unfold into a kaleidoscope of emotions, ambience, cuisine, attire, embellishments, and other enthralling elements.

As their wedding photographer, it was an honor to capture the beautiful moments from Naina and Apaar’s celebrations. The decor was impeccable, and every event was uniquely themed, which added to the charm of the occasion. The attention to detail was visible and it was evident that the couple had spent a lot of time planning their special day.

While the decor and events were stupendous, the story of how they met was also amazing. They met through mutual friends in 2017 but didn’t connect immediately. It wasn’t until they met online that they started talking, and the rest, as they say, is history. Their proposal in Puerto Rico, on a secluded beach, was nothing short of magical. Their wedding was a true representation of their love and commitment to each other.

Naina and Apaar’s wedding transpired over two days. Starting with day 1, the mehndi ceremony was decorated with vibrant colors and intricate designs, which matched the theme perfectly, creating a festive atmosphere. The couple made their astonishing appearance with colorful smoke guns and dhol-tasha, while their loved ones cheered and danced along. Following the mehndi function, the engagement ceremony came about in the evening. The venue was transformed into a stunning setup with a beautifully decorated platform with chandeliers above, fairy lights, and verdant green drapes. The couple exchanged rings, a moment filled with love and joy. We captured some beautiful moments of the day, filled with enthusiasm.



Moving on to Day 2, the Haldi ceremony was a lively affair. The space was decorated with marigold flowers, which added a pop of color to the occasion. As Naina and Apaar stepped into the venue in their flamboyant pink and yellow outfits, their family and friends showered them with a cascade of yellow petals, played fun games, and soon smeared them with turmeric paste and water. Finally, the wedding event, which was the highlight, commenced on the evening of day 2. Naina’s sparkling jewelry and intricate henna designs complemented her breathtaking red bridal attire, while Apaar’s confident smile added to his dashing look in a rose-gold sherwani. With the Phoolon Ki Chadar held high above her, Naina’s grand entrance commanded everyone’s attention, while Apaar stunned the crowd with his baarat, rolling in a vintage Rolls Royce. What made the wedding arrangements truly mesmerizing were the spherical mandap, lanterns, fairy lights, and even the carefully decorated chairs. Soon, the couple performed the rituals and exchanged their vows, it was an emotional yet beautiful affair.



Makeup artist – ridhimadhawanmakeup 

Mehndi outfit designer –  aumbyashmaasit

Haldi outfit designer – debyoustore






North Indian Wedding at Jai Mahal Palace

North Indian Wedding at Jai Mahal Palace

North Indian Wedding at Jai Mahal Palace

Aditya and Anjali’s royal affair took place at Jai Mahal Palace, Jaipur which is set in a picturesque exuberance of royalty and opulence. This Floating Palace was the perfect venue for their elegant wedding. These two are lawyers who met through mutual friends in college and after a few interactions about their love for food and travel, that was the beginning of a beautiful romance.

After the wedding got pushed back because of covid…twice! They finally got to tie the knot in this magnificent palace surrounded by their family and friends. We loved capturing their special day and as you can see, the chemistry between them is evident in the photos.

Check out the photos from this majestic wedding!




Destination Wedding at The Savoy, Mussoorie

Destination Wedding at The Savoy, Mussoorie

Destination Wedding at The Savoy, Mussoorie

The scenic hills of Mussoorie against the sapphire sky painted a beautiful picture at Vatsal and Priyanka’s fun-filled wedding. This destination wedding took place at the lavish and historic property of ITC Welcomhotel, The Savoy. They met through mutual friends at a club! After a few chats and meetups, one thing led to another and now they are married!

The first day started off with a Welcome Event, Carnival, where close friends and family gathered, danced, and sipped on chilled champagne and beer. The engagement took place that very same evening, with the couple exchanging rings and friends and family celebrating. A few bottles were popped and the DJ made everyone groove till dawn.

Early next day, Haldi took place overlooking the beautiful view of the mountains, where the bride and groom got a few gorgeous couple shots and then the event commenced.

On the last day, Vatsal entered his Baraat in a Bentley, dancing on the dhol beats with his close friends and family by his side. The mandap set against the background of The Savoy, the inky sky illuminating the stars made it a magical night to remember. Priyanka looked stunning in a Rose Gold lehenga for the Wedding ceremony.

After the wedding celebrations, the guests and couple put on their comfy clothes, and the DJ took to the console and made the guests dance to peppy music. With drinks flowing through their system, they showed off their best moves and had the best Pajama Party ever!



Grand Wedding at Noor-Us-Sabah Palace in Bhopal

Grand Wedding at Noor-Us-Sabah Palace in Bhopal

Grand Wedding at Noor-Us-Sabah Palace in Bhopal

India is a land of vibrant cultural diversity, reflected in its varied wedding traditions. From the loud celebrations of Punjabi weddings to the serene Tamil ceremonies, each culture brings a unique flair to marital unions. In the heart of this diversity, the grand wedding of Ashmita and Harsh at Noor-Us-Sabah, one of the premier wedding venues in Bhopal, stood out as a perfect blend of North and South Indian traditions.

The Finance Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Mr. Jagdish Devda, had his son’s grand wedding with all pomp and show in the tranquil surroundings of a residential palace.

Ashmita and Harsh’s wedding celebrations were magical and spread over three days in Noor-us-Sabah, Bhopal which is perched on a hillock with a commanding view of the lake. It’s a world apart from the busy streets of Bhopal!





Day 1: Engagement at Taj Lakefront, Bhopal

The three-day celebration kicked off with an engagement ceremony at the majestic Taj Lakefront. The venue, known for its opulence and beautiful sunset views, provided the perfect backdrop for exceptional Indian wedding photography. Ashmita’s radiant presence and the natural ambiance made for stunning photographic moments.





Taj Lakefront, Bhopal this surreal, opulent, and majestic property hosted the Engagement. Ashmita taking full advantage of nature’s magic hour gave us all the fabulous portraits we needed to gush over!

Her band of boys join her and enjoy the beautiful sunset.

The rest of the night was spent enjoying the rest of the evening.





Day 2: Traditional Wedding Rituals and Modern Celebrations

Haldi Ceremony 

The Haldi ceremony was unique, with no turmeric used. Instead, it focused on fashion, with Ashmita and her bridesmaids wearing matching outfits, setting a new trend for haldi ceremony outfits.





Sangeet Ceremony 

The Sangeet is an event that often features vibrant performances and is a source of fun sangeet ceremony ideas. Ashmita and Harsh made a memorable entrance, and the performances by their friends and family added a personal touch that was both traditional and contemporary.





Day 3: The Wedding and Reception

The final day started with the wedding ceremony, followed by a grand reception at Noor-Us-Sabah, demonstrating why it’s considered one of the top luxury wedding venues in Bhopal. The event was graced by prominent guests, adding to the aura of Indian celebrity weddings.




Wedding Reception at Noor-Us-Sabah: A Gala Evening

Later that evening, they hosted their lavish reception on the property’s lush outdoor grounds. The Chief Minister of Bhopal, Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan, made a brief appearance to congratulate the happy couple. 

Jyotiraditya Scindia, the minister of Civil Aviation, Digvijaya Singh, the ex-chief minister of MP, and Ramji Lal Saman, a former Union Minister were also present to give their regards.

The rest of the evening was filled with love, laughter, and of course delicious food. This evening was a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, typical of luxury wedding venues.

Looking for a wedding venue in Bhopal that combines tradition with luxury? Noor-Us-Sabah Palace offers a royal backdrop for your special day. Contact us to make your wedding truly unforgettable.