Wedding at Mahalaxmi Racecourse, Mumbai

Wedding at Mahalaxmi Racecourse, Mumbai

Wedding at Mahalaxmi Racecourse, Mumbai

Experience the grandeur of Akash and Shruti’s unforgettable wedding in Mumbai. Their three-day celebration, spanning across some of the most iconic venues in the city, was a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. The journey began with a lively Cocktail Party at St. Regis, followed by a joyous Haldi ceremony at Canto, and culminated in a breathtaking wedding at the renowned Mahalaxmi Race Course.

Cocktail Party at St. Regis

The festivities kicked off with a vibrant cocktail party at the luxurious St. Regis. Friends and family gathered to celebrate the couple’s upcoming nuptials in a night filled with dance, music, and laughter. The elegance of the venue, combined with the lively atmosphere, set the perfect tone for the days to follow.

Joyous Haldi Ceremony at Canto

The next day, the celebrations moved to Canto for a traditional haldi ceremony. This joyous occasion was marked by vibrant colors and playful moments, as friends and family applied haldi to the couple, blessing them with prosperity and happiness. The haldi ceremony, a significant pre-wedding ritual, was a beautiful display of love and tradition.

The Grand Wedding at Mahalaxmi Race Course

The final day witnessed Akash and Shruti’s grand wedding at Mahalaxmi Race Course. The couple’s first look was a moment of pure magic, exuding the same playful and carefree spirit that defines them. The Mahalaxmi Race Course wedding was a picturesque affair, with stunning decor and an enchanting ambiance. The venue, known for its elegance and charm, provided the perfect backdrop for their vows.

Celebrating Love in Mumbai

Akash and Shruti’s wedding in Mumbai was a joyous affair, brimming with laughter and lightheartedness shared among their close-knit circle of friends. Every moment was a testament to their love and the vibrant culture of the city. From the grandeur of the venues to the intimate moments of joy, their wedding was truly a celebration of love.

Akash and Shruti’s wedding at the Mahalaxmi Race Course was a spectacular event that beautifully showcased the charm of a Mumbai wedding. The three-day celebration was a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, filled with vibrant moments and joyous celebrations. If you’re planning your own wedding in Mumbai, let Akash and Shruti’s story inspire you with its grandeur and heartfelt moments.



Rithvik & Lavanya’s Telugu wedding in Hyderabad

Rithvik & Lavanya’s Telugu wedding in Hyderabad

Rithvik & Lavanya’s Telugu wedding in Hyderabad

Lavanya-Rithvik’s Telugu wedding in Hyderabad was a beautiful one, filled with excitement, emotions, energy, and of course, amazing color palettes. We covered Rithvik’s sister Rishika’s wedding in Vishakhapatnam in the year 2019, it was an exhilarating feeling to be reuniting with the family again to cover Rithvik’s wedding 🙂

The wedding was made truly special by their story, which was one of gradual discovery and growth, culminating in a beautiful union that we felt excited to witness and capture on camera. It started when Lavanya and Rithvik met on an online dating platform and felt a spark. Their first meeting was promising, and they realized they had a lot in common. Over time, their relationship grew and evolved, with Lavanya bringing positivity and energy to Rithvik’s life.

The festivities began with the Sangeet at Prestige Nirvana Club, Hyderabad. The venue’s seamless fusion of greenery and symmetric patterns resulted in aesthetically pleasing pictures. Lavanya and Rithvik looked fabulous in their matching Lilac outfits. The mood was lively and upbeat, with family and friends joining in to celebrate the couple’s impending union, with their spectacular performances. Every performance was a treat to the eye and we just enjoyed capturing every moment of the evening. Lavanya and Rithvik looked radiant as they danced the night away, surrounded by loved ones who couldn’t wait to see them tie the knot.


The following day, the Haldi ceremony transpired. Lavanya’s ceremony came about at Ashiana Banquets, Hyderabad, while Rithvik’s unfolded at his house. The atmosphere was filled with fun and laughter as friends and family covered the couple in turmeric paste. The exuberant aura of a Telugu Haldi never fails to captivate us, and we cannot resist the allure of documenting lively celebrations through our lenses.


As the day wore on, the enchanting ambiance of Ashiana Banquets played host to Lavanya and Rithvik’s heartwarming wedding event. With the calm yet lively surroundings at the venue along with stunning decor highlighted by red-white palette flowers and fairy lights, we got some amazing photographs. Lavanya looked breathtakingly beautiful in a Telugu bridal saree, adorned with jewelry and intricate henna designs. Rithvik cut a striking figure in his traditional Telugu attire. The couples exchanged garlands and took vows in the presence of their loved ones.


As their photographer, it was a delight to capture their chemistry. From the playful banter during the Haldi occasion to the emotional moments of their big day, from Lavanya’s tears as she saw Rithvik step out of the car on the wedding day to the laughter and fun they shared during Talambralu, every experience we witnessed was unique in their own way. When looking through the pictures of their wedding, one could see the joy and love emanating from every frame.

Gujrati Wedding at Della Resorts

Gujrati Wedding at Della Resorts

Gujrati Wedding at Della Resorts

After a whirlwind romance across beautiful locations around the globe, Miloni and Nihar got married at Della Resorts, Lonavala. The best part – their pet son, Rancho was a part of the charming festivities spread across two days. It was a crazy affair, filled with happiness, joy and unlimited dances. Here is the story leading to #NVMilove.

About – Nihar & Miloni

Nihar, our groom, is a chemical engineer by profession. He grew up in Mumbai and moved to the states for university. Miloni, our bride is a psychologist by profession, and bakes cakes in her free time. Miloni grew up in Belgium and moved to London for university. Nihar and Miloni were introduced by Miloni’s best friend. Nihar was living in Dallas at the time and Miloni in Antwerp then. They connected over WhatsApp and FaceTime, and very early on they both were sure about each other. The first time Miloni and Nihar met in person was in Toronto, at Pearson International Airport. Miloni was attending a conference in Toronto, and Nihar decided to travel to see her. They had a magical time, including spending a day at Niagara Falls. They next met in Dallas, where Miloni met Nihar’s golden retriever, Rancho, for the first time. They were sure about being together, and they let their parents know of this. A few months later, both the families united in Antwerp. They were delighted to share Miloni and Nihar’s engagement to their family and friends. After all their travels and ventures abroad, Miloni and Nihar decided to settle in Mumbai.

 Miloni and Nihar decided to tell their story chronologically through their wedding events. Each event was designed to be the cities they met and spent time in:
Welcome Lunch: Toronto, Canada
Mehendi: Dallas, USA
Sangeet: Antwerp, Belgium
London Lunch: London, UK
Wedding: Mumbai, India

Here is their very fun wedding film 🙂

Day 1 – Welcome & Haldi

 Nihar’s side of the family put up at the Dukes Retreat, Lonavala, and Miloni’s side was put up at Della Resorts, Lonavala. The festivities started with Nihar and his parents welcoming guests, proceeded by dhol and crazy dance. Let us tell you that dance   was the major highlight of this wedding, and loads of dance and craziness shall follow in this blog. Lets first start with the Welcome Dance.

 Met our groom – Nihar: The one thing that will immediately strike you when you meet Nihar is that he is totally a people’s person, he is also the “center of attraction at every party” and also dance runs through his genes. 





 Nihar & his friends were a close-knit group. They were always there for Nihar, and up to crazy antics. We got to witness the crazy and warm side of Nihar’s friends throughout the wedding.

Post the welcome dances, it was time for Nihar’s Haldi. And our groom was not spared at all. We saw an epic Haldi where – Nihar’s clothes were torn, and thereafter his face was smeared with schezwan sauce, chutney, butter, raita and what not. Post the haldi  aftermath, the friends were kind enough to escort our groom for a shower too.





 Day – 1 Mehendi Ceremony

 Post the Haldi, we headed to Della Resorts, where our gorgeous bride Miloni was getting ready for the Mehendi ceremony.

 Meet our bride – Miloni: The one thing which is spectacular about Miloni is her smile, beautiful and genuine in every way. Her attention to detail is just remarkable and she goes out of her way to make her closed ones feel special.





The Mehendi ceremony celebrated the Texan culture of Dallas, where Nihar & Miloni met for the second time. Miloni wore a stunning lemon and pale blue Anita Dongre lehenga with multicolored motifs that matched the color palette of the decor. Nihar wore a green kurta  with yellow waist-coat. Miloni & Nihar were delighted that Della Resort is dog-friendly that enabled their pet dog, Rancho to be a part of all their ceremonies. Rancho is a crucial part of their lives and complete their family now. It was quite obvious that we wanted to include Rancho for their couple shoot 🙂



And when Rancho joined them for their Mehendi ceremony entry, it was beautiful and overwhelming and beautiful in every way






Our bride and groom are really a riot, when they are together. The energy they bring out together is tremendous. They totally love each other’s company and enjoy making memories together









Friends and Family are truly the sunshine of Life. Nihar & Miloni’s wedding saw such great bonds of friendship – revisiting old ones while creating new ones. Also, time to introduce Niomi, Nihar’s sister who shares a great bond with Miloni.

The last  photograph in this series is a proof.






Mehendi ceremony thereafter, saw performances and garba. It was beautiful as energetic performances went through the entire afternoon, till the wee hours of the evening. We were tired from back to back shoots the same week, but somehow the energy at the garba really got to us, and we had so much fun documenting the dance performances. Guess that’s the magic and beauty of garba and gujarati weddings!





 Day 1 – Sangeet

The diamond capital of the planet, Antwerp, which has been Miloni’s home was the perfect inspiration for the glitzy sangeet night with shimmering crystals, twinkling lights, and a glamorous blue glow that ruled the evening of dance and music, and of course Belgian waffles.
This is how the evening started as we started documenting stories from Miloni’s room. Miloni has two beautiful sisters – Pasmi & Saloni, who were by her side throughout along with her mom.





 Miloni’s embellished blue lehenga by Seema Gujral was chosen to sync in with the theme colour of the sangeet night – blue. And she  looked stunning in every way.





This is how Nihar and Miloni entered and all the eyes, undoubtedly were on them.





Dance was the major highlight of this wedding, we repeat ourselves again. The evening saw some amazing next-level performances. Here is how the first half of the evening looked like.
Starting with our groom, Nihar who rocked the stage.





Followed by our bride, Miloni who really danced away all her happiness with killer thumkas.






We also got to witness some family moments and family performances.






And then followed by performances of the friends.



 Our bride and groom were surely having a great time.









The next performance was featuring the couple themselves. And, they surely won many hearts with their special performance.



Time for our bride to put her feelings through her solo performance through the song “Teri Ore”






Finally, after all the energetic performances came to an end with the favourite song of the season ” Sauda Khara Khara






The audience kept cheering for more.






Soon, the stage was taken over by Singer Dilesh Doshi, and he ensured that the rocking evening continues.











We also witnessed Nihar singing and everyone cheered through. Surely, it was amazing.






And the night ended with all happy memories. Along with them, we too danced a bit.









Day 2 – London Lunch 

 A British-themed lunch was hosted the following day to celebrate Nihar and Miloni’s time in London.

 The day began with our bride basking in the glorious morning sun.






Nihar’s side at Dukes Retreat Resort saw a very fun morning with some interesting games – Banjo and Bingo










 Day 2 – Wedding 

 Nihar’s Getting Ready Story : The mood at Nihar’s room was very chilled out, filled with hustle and bustle, and ofcourse had Rancho who kept everyone around happy and entertained 





Thereafter, our groom started getting ready in the company of his friends and Rancho.



Special mention here to Atish, who is Nihar’s best friend and best man, and was there for him throughout. Even when our groom needed band-aid






Nihar was very particular that he would not take portraits alone. And he didn’t let us take his solo portraits on the first day. But we convinced and managed his portraits on the wedding day. We are sure he doesn’t regret now for the same













The party thereafter proceeded inside for a few rituals and some fun photos





  Miloni’s Getting Ready Story : Miloni had her best friend Bhavi inside her room, while she got ready. Bhavi is also the one who played cupid and made the match of Nihar & Miloni





  Also, we made couple portrait of Nihar and Miloni, in the nick of time just before Nihar headed for his baraat. We swear the second photograph was impromptu, thanks to our bride Miloni





 We made portraits with Miloni and Rancho. For the wedding, Miloni wore a pastel Kalki Lehenga. It’s interesting to mention that Rancho also matched his outfit with his mommy. Rancho’s customized sherwani was designed by Miloni. Don’t they look cutest?





Miloni’s girl gang kept her entertained throughout, and we had to make some photos with them.



Nihar’s baraat was one of the most epic baraats we have ever witnessed. The baraat went on for almost three hours. The friends and family danced their way to begin Nihar’s new journey.








It was so overwhelming to see the family bonding at the baraat.










We also documented Miloni as she waited for her groom to come, who indeed made her wait for long. But she spent the time with her girls, smiling and laughing all throughout.





We proceeded now to the Jaimaal finally. And it was a surreal moment in the evening dusky sky as Nihar & Miloni exchanged garlands.





 Day 2 – Wedding 

 And the finale – Here’s to love, laughter & happily ever after. The theme city was Mumbai, where Miloni & Nihar would finally settle.










We wonder what would be the intense conversation going on here between our bride and groom.





  The Pheras and all the happiness.





Followed by sindoor and mangalsutra.





An emotional moment for Miloni and her mom. Her sister, Saloni also joins in. From Antwerp to Mumbai, Miloni’s life is going to change now.





  But, all is well that ends with a “ladoo” & “photo” 🙂





 Wait there is more. Its the same day Miloni got her PhD (Doctorate) degree. She joked later, that she got degree & dulha the same  day.

 Like an amazing husband, Nihar broke out the news to everyone present there. Kudos to Miloni’s hard-work, and the celebrations just doubled, and her wedding day will be memorable forever. This is how the festivities ended 🙂



Thank you Miloni & Nihar, and the entire Sanghvi & Vakil families for all the love. It was absolutely great to be a part of your wedding.




Advice for Couples
Miloni shares, “The entire experience became smooth sailing once we identified our strengths and focused on those. Nihar managed the technical aspects, and I took lead on all things creative. This joint effort helped to pull our wedding together without chaos. Learn to pick your battles instead of locking horns over every decision.”

Hindu Christian wedding at  Alila Diwa Goa

Hindu Christian wedding at Alila Diwa Goa

Hindu Christian wedding at Alila Diwa Goa

If you loved the beautiful church wedding in the previous blog story of Megh & Jive, you have something more to see! This time its the beautiful Indian wedding at Alila Diwa, Goa!

The beautiful bride was dressed in a beige chikankari lehenga, and the groom was looking ravishing a white sherwani. And a equally beautiful mandap decor with flowers to host the indian wedding. Everything was so beautiful and as the couple read over the vows & promises to each, they started their new journey with all – love, trust & understanding! And the happiness was infectious & spread all around, right from their familes, friends and all the guests present. Even to us, and we thank the couple for trusting us to capture the memories of their precious day!

Here is their beautiful wedding film 

And now its time to go through the photos. 


Bengali Malayali Wedding

Bengali Malayali Wedding

Bengali Malayali Wedding

Whenever two cultures come together, it has always been an interesting fusion for us photographers to shoot, as it brings out the best of both the cultures. And it got more exciting as we shot Malvika & Sreejish’s Bong-Mallu wedding. Last year, around this time, we shot this amazing wedding, where Malvika and Srejish got married as per malayali rituals in the morning, and followed by bengali wedding in the evening having fun all throughout the wedding. 

But before you proceed to check out their photographs, you have to see their fun filled romedy “Happily Coupled” which we made for them! We won the Adobe Premier Pro Award for Best Video Editing by Better Photography for this wedding film!


Now, check out the photographs from the bong-mallu wedding!